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    Default Copernic Desktop Search

    Program Name: Copernic Desktop Search
    Website: http://www.copernic.com
    Current version: 2.01
    Desired versions: 1.7 - 1.9 - everything below 2.0
    Description: index and search documents and media on your computer.

    version 2.0 is crap, i want to return to 1.x.

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    Default thanks

    thank you very much.

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    Default Copernic Desktop Search 2.0 is SLOW

    I sent the following message to Copernic a few minutes ago. Thankfully I found version 1.7 to download from this site.

    ----BEGIN MESSAGE----

    Dear CDS Developers,

    Let me start by saying that I LOVE CDS and now could not live without it. In fact, I am the computer guy at my small company (15 employees) and I had CDS installed on my computer for a few months before I installed it one by one on everyone elses computers. Now we all love it and could not work without it.

    Then came version 2.0. Thankfully I installed it only on my computer in order to test the new version. I'm sure you've heard by now that it is much slower compared to the previous 1.x versions. One of the main reasons to use a desktop search tool is to find things quickly! While I used to look forward to searching using CDS, now I avoid it unless I really need to go digging.

    Today I uninstalled version 2.0 and the only 1.x version I had around was 1.5, so I have reinstalled that. I wish that I at least had the latest 1.x version.

    At any rate, if you are not able to fix version 2.0 it would at least be nice if it were possible to disable the new 2.0 features that cause the much slower response so that 1.x lovers could continue to enjoy the previous lightning-speed response.

    Thanks for your consideration.

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    That is wonderful! Hopefully we won't have to archive these on the main site
    Alex Levine

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    Thanks very much. This is another great program absolutely ruined by so-called upgrades.

    I've complained to Copernic about v2.0 randomly hijacking my computer resources and they respond with various patches and other useless excuses.

    I'll try 1.7 and see if I can get the old speedy indexing program back again!

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    Default Excellent!

    What a wonderful site this is! Never new oldversions existed, what a great idea.

    I am "over-the-moon" because I have found Copernic 1.7 after suffering from version 2.0 issues, especially on my 4 year old laptop.

    I have a business to run and I do not need to upgrade good software every month or year!

    Why can't great innovators produce a wonderful product but then resist the temptation to screw up that great product....instead of them moving onto a new product to go and innovate???!!!

    Put another way, that old English saying -

    Last edited by cavehomme; 03-19-2008 at 05:31 AM.

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    Copernic 1.7 is working very well! Does anyone have the german version?


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    Quote Originally Posted by icaq View Post

    Copernic 1.7 is working very well! Does anyone have the german version?

    I did only find two older versions in German, not version 1.7.



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    Default How about Copernic 2?

    I hate, hate, hate version 3. Anyone have a link to the most recent build of version 2 (which generally worked fine for me)?



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