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    Default Information Request


    I'm working on a task for school, which involves describing this website.
    I can't find everything I need, so I have a few questions:

    - Who submits the programs? Only the users and BulletProof Software?
    - Do you advert for this website?
    - What kind of programs/technologies/servers are necessary to make/update this website?
    - Is this website a one-man project? Or how many people are involved?

    Thank you!!!!

    Best regards,

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    hi lien. i am a admin on the forums and can help a little with your info,the basic concept of the site can be found here http://www.oldversion.com/about.php .software listed and archived on the site is mainly sent in by visitors and members who submit oldversions of programs,obviously not everything sent in will be listed immediately and some maybe never will be depending on the type of prgram it is.i can not say how many people work on the actual site as i do not know myself,but you may get a better explanation by contacting ABLIX or IGOR who are the site owners,please realise though that they receive a large volume of pm messages and may take time for them to reply,i myself will send a message also to ABLIX and he may reply to this thread or contact you directly.good luck with your project.
    simply me

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    Thank you for the quick response. I'll send a message to Igor and Ablix as well, because the deadline is closing in.


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