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    Default CD/DVD-Rom Problem...


    Hope that some happy and bright individual will be able to help me with a problem I am currently having with my CD/DVD_Rom.

    The problem I am having is that when I place a CD or DVD in the drive it just doesnt seem to be able to read it. I get lots of whirring noises, and a little green light flashes on the drive and if I try to do anything at all in windows whilst it is trying to do this I suffer numerous crashes or windows freezing up.

    Now this is a drive on a computer that is reasonably new. (less than a year old anyway). I have run a DVD cleaner through it (didnt help), I have run through all the options presented on the troubleshooter (didnt help) I have checked the wires (still no help) and I considered kicking it once in frustration (doubt that it would help).

    So any ideas at all would be helpful?

    One last point. It has gotten progressivly worse. Originally it struggled with a second hand game I had purchased (I just thought it was because the disk was scratched). Since then it has been getting harder and harder to read anything up to the present time of it not reading anything. I tried last night on a brand new, never been used DVD from a magazine. It actually brought up the install menu, before stopping this time.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Does anyone in the house smoke? I had a g/f that used the computer a lot, while smoking. Which eventually caused a similar issue with the drive. The smoke will get onto the lasers lens. A Lens cleaner won't help much at all. It just basically removes dust which settles on the lens and can be brushed off.

    If the computer is under warranty, you could try having it replaced. But since you have stated it's around a year old. Most warranty's today do not last that long.

    Sometimes too, the IDE cable, which is the flat ribbon cable which connects the drive to the motherboard can loosen, and will sometimes pop-up slightly. This is due to the motherboard expanding from the heat inside the case.
    Check that the ribbon cable is tight against the drive and the motherboard.

    I have a stack of old drives, CD-ROM's, CD Recorders and DVD burners I've replaced. They just don't last as long as they should.

    Maybe you should consider upgrading to a DVD recorder.
    If you live near a bestbuy store or can even order it via the internet. You can pick up a DVD recorder for $50 USD.


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    hi there,this could well be as LF has stated a dirt issue on the lens,i have in the past stripped a drive and cleaned the lens manually with a good quality lens cleaner and the drive has been fine for a couple more years,but then we are talking when drives were at least 5 times the price they are now in the disposable world we live in.
    simply me


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