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    Default cool edit pro... but computer in general

    been using cool edit for a while on my old laptop but on my new laptop when i put my piano into the line in on my computer... it records fine but i'm unable to hear the piano play through my computer speakers while i play.... please anyone know how to fix this?

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    There are 2 settings for each input, 1 for playback and a 2nd for recording.
    On the Multimedia Control panel, be sure that you turn the volume up on the line-in under the playback tab.

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    thx for the advice... still not quite working... though i can't quite find any slider bars.... my computers line in under xp control panel is set to half.... the computer still records what i'm playing perfectly... i just can't here it till i'm done recording... which poses a problem as i need to hear what i'm playing lol

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    Though not supposed to really be a problem today, it could very well be somethings that's cropping up once again.
    Years ago, the symptoms you describe was the results of a simplex audio card.
    To playback and record at the same time required a duplex card. Which would cost more money.
    Today this shouldn't be an issue, but considering how cheap computer have become it's possible that it's once again finding it's way back into the machines to keep costs down.
    You should check on your soundcards specifications to determine if it is indeed a duplex card.

    Since you say this is an "old" laptop. Define what "old" means to you. If you are saying "old" as I consider "old", meaning a 133Mhz CPU powered laptop. It's likely then you only have the capabilities of a simplex card. Which means, you can only do 1 thing at a time. Either record OR playback, but not both.

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    My old laptop was about 2 years old.... this new one is about 2 months old...

    i'm using a sigmatel high definition audio codec... thats what comes up under sound device.... if i can't get this to work this is what i'm thinking... please tell me if this is a good idea.

    I know it will cut my signal strength but ii'm not rich... i'm thinking of buying a 6.5m jack splitter for my keyboard... i will use a converter to hook my headphones into one jack and then hook my computer into the other so atleast i should be able to hear what i play through my headpones as it records

    sound ok? or should i keep trying to get my com to work

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    The audio codec seems capable of full duplex mode, but that still does not guarantee that the makers of the hardware included this ability. Even though a chipset can do certain things does not always mean the hardware was designed to take full advantage of the codec.

    The idea you have may work, only if the headphones are amplified. Otherwise, the signal coming from the keyboard into the Y splitter may not provide enough signal strength for the headphones.
    A solution if the above does not work would be t use amplified speakers inplace of the headphones.

    Does the keyboard have a MIDI DIN port on it? Though the availability of a true MIDI port on a laptop is unlikely, you usually can connect the MIDI to a gameport.

    Though you state your not rich, another solution might be to use an external soundcard.

    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit External USB Sound Card $44


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