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    Default juke box freeware.

    hi folks,heres a good one for you,can anyone recommend me a program,i have just put together a pc for use in my workshop purely for saving and playing music as i work,what i would like is something that resembles an old style jukebox on the screen,so i can just select several songs depending on what i fancy listening to,and then just hit play and leave it to it.the simpler the better,as i said the pc will be used for this and this only and will be holding around 10gb of music,preferably a freeware program and the simpler the better.the pc will be running windows me.thanks.
    simply me

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    I built a jukebox from a very old computer, (It's been a while though since I built it). It was running a 89Mhz Intel Overdrive CPU, no hard drive, about 4 megs RAM. Could even run without a monitor if desired.
    Everything was installed onto a CD. This included the OS, which was FreeDOS or Dr DOS.
    The CD was bootable and would boot the computer and automatically execute the jukebox program, load the sound drivers and scan for music and play. It was extremely fast as well.
    The good thing about the way it was built was that the CD's contained everything. So I could very well take the CD to a different computer, insert and boot it and turn any computer into a self playing jukebox.

    Inplace of a monitor, a simple LCD screen could be wired up to the machine. Could even control the machine via a joystick!

    Now, if all you want is a simple jukebox program, this program would work as well for you without going through the steps I took.


    System requirements for Mpxplay:
    CPU: Intel 80486 100mhz (DX4-100) or above
    RAM: 4-8Mb
    - PCI cards (native handling): SB Live/Live24, Audigy 1,2,4,LS; CMI 8338/8738; Intel ICH, VIA 686/8233/8235
    - ISA cards (or emulation): SB16, ESS, WSS, GUS, SBpro
    Operating system:
    - MS-DOS 5.0 or compatible

    If you want something for Windows, try:


    As for an old school jukebox interface, though not free:


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    mpxplay is just the ticket,cheers for that locust your a diamond.
    simply me

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    Ofcourse, you can run the program via a DOS box within Windows also.
    Don't let the programs lack of eye-candy put you off, it's very powerful. Plus small binary. If you do as I had, and script the program, you can setup a lot of good options. Such as Automatic volume control.

    Side note:

    If you have a network at home. Another thing you might want to consider.
    I turned an old laptop into a dedicated music player before also. Which contained no music on the laptop. All the music was stored on a central server. This way many computer hooked to my network could stream music at the same time, to different rooms in the house.
    Plus, it allowed for easy management of my music collection. Which was kept on a single box, the server.
    There exists commercial ways to implement this as well. You can search for it, it's called a 'NAS'. "Network Audio Server," or just build one yourself.
    It could also stream mpeg4 video and possibly even VOB's.

    The server, would run any distro of GNU/Linux you want to run. Then run a music manager called Madman. It has a built-in web server. The music is streamed across the webserver. So this then allows any computer, be it a Mac running OSX, or a MS Windows machine to play the music simply by loading a web browser.

    The advantage of this can be if your laptop's are connected via a wireless network, then you can hear the music anywhere on your premises that your network reaches.

    The music manager is similar to Apple's iTunes, where it can keep track of what gets played, when, how often, ratings, weights.

    Good luck with your jukebox!


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