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Thread: Aim Question

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    Default Aim Question

    Does anyone else have problems connecting VOICE on aim with anyone??

    I recently discovered my Cable modem firewall blocks the attempt to go voice,but when i add MY COMPUTER to the DMZ zone so the firewall is disabled basically,it still wont connect..... (I have a local firewall also)

    I called my friend last night who has AIMPHONELINE and he also has a cable modem (Toshiba) Yet his modem didnt block our voice connection..... I have a PCX 5000 and he has a PCX 2600 if im not mistaken.......

    I just dont understand why i havent been able to 'GO VOICE' with anyone for over a year now.......

    RAM doesnt have anything to do with it does it?? (I only have 56M (It always used to work))

    Then i was wondering if "aimtalk.dll" has something to do with talk connections and if i upgraded THAT FILE to the latest if it would work then....

    Im running AIM 5.5.3598ca (Best version,no games no crap)

    Thanx all for your help!!!!

    Last time i was able to connect voice was 1 1/2 years ago i think and it was a friend who has Win98se (She has AOL installed also),i connected to her fine...... (Im also on 98se)


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    DMZ is only on the routers. Firewalls are software, routers are more powerful firewalls then software.

    You open all your ports if you enable dmz, first you need to know what port that voice is running then open port from router or your software.

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    Yes i know that my friend


    I tried logging on to the AIM on 1 of our XP computers upstairs and as soon as i clicked CONNECT TO TALK,it froze!! (I logged on w/another screen name) -- I had to do a system restore to get things working again.. (Version 5.9.3861)

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    Only have time for a quick reply.

    You'll likely need to enable port forwarding on the router.

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    I entered my computer into the DMZ field on my firewall again and enabled scripts and was able to connect voice with someone running AOL (not just aim) so it will be interesting seeing if i can connect to others with voice also

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    So have you figure something out been few days now since last post.

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    Nope,still nothing.......

    I dunno.....


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