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    Default Napster Internal Player

    Is anyone having the problem of the Napster Internal Player not showing the timestamp? I've tried all version and the only one I'm getting luck out of is the Beta8 version, however I don't like the way my files are displayed in the library. I just want the filename and no partial directory. Can I have my cake and eat it too? I'd prefer to use Beta10.4 with a working timestamp in the internal player.
    For anyone that wants it just click "Cached" that appears under the 1st result.

    Napster Login Generator


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    Very good

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    It's amazing the things that occur when you do it right. Yeah I restarted and the timestamp works. lol It'd be cool if there was a patch to make songs of high bitrate work in Napster, I believe it only supports up to 320 or so. I could be wrong I just took a guess because I noticed the songs that it gives an error for are above that bitrate.Anyone know of a patch or anything? Has anyone made use of the login generator? Took me forever to find a working link. My searching will not only benefit mebut others as well I hope.

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    Beta7 is the last OPEN version (Be4 they started restricting stuff in it)

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    Doubtful that this is a patch for such.
    It's likely that the mp3 decoding engine was an early release which either did not support VBR encodes or just was not ready for anything higher than 320. Some of the early Fraunhofer codecs had restrictions.
    There were also various encoders/decoders around at that time which did not follow the ISO specifications. Some where just poorly written and performed badly.
    This may just be one of the glitches when using older software

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    deleted by me
    Last edited by Goslow; 03-18-2007 at 04:12 AM. Reason: pushing it uphill

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    I see, but the version your talking about (the open one) does it have so you can remove the filepaths and just display the filename in the library? If so it's the version I'm looking for.

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    Yes i believe it does!

    Beta7 is VERY GOOD!!

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    It appears as though the songs aren't listed in the library in version 7. They appeared in 10.4 but aren't appearing in my library on version 7. Whenever I try to play them in 10.4 it gives me an error askinf if they are partial downloads and whatnot, it thinks they are corrupt. However in version 7 it's not even appearing for me to click on it and give an error lol. Ideas anyone?


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