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    Quote Originally Posted by noneerror
    This is a great program, especially since it is freeware. To bad they have already removed all the freeware files from their sites and other external download sites. I have version 1.51.195 that I can contribute. Apparently later versions (before lavalys pulled them) were crippled. My version has the functionality that this link says is missing:
    Who knew that being a packrat (I prefer "prepared for as many circumstances as possible" ) could come in handy? I have Everest Home Edition v. 1.10.106, and love the way it politely warns, suggests improvements, etc. It's a shame that it isn't in distribution anymore, but I can offer the version I have.

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    Default re: http://wittswallpapers.com

    Quote Originally Posted by LRI41
    LRI41: I apologize. Please resend that email if possible. We have undergone many server changes as it's not easy to run a web site that uses as much bandwidth as this one does. Sometimes emails get lost or it's easy for some to get overlooked. Our email boxes are constantly filled with questions from how to get their old version running, technical support, or penis enlargement pills.

    Sorry, but I guess I deleted them all, I used to have a folder with all the emails and
    programs which I had previously uploaded to you site. I think I remember sending
    Ad Aware 6 , the last free unfettered Robo Form program

    RoboForm: Password Manager, Form Filler, Password Generator, Fill & Save Forms

    Last Freeware Unccrippled Version 4.6.8 (which can be found at)



    I think I sent some others, but don't recall

    I also asked if your site want me to upload AOL Version 6,7,& 8 .

    If you want any or all of the above, just post here or send me an email or
    private message.[/QUOTE]

    I went to http://wittswallpapers.com. You never mentioned the absolutely awesome collection of scifi wallpaper art . My trackball-clicking hand is contorted into a claw from viewing and downloading poster quality art. From the Star Treks, Babylon5, movies, all the way to even Space 1999. I am impressed and my inner geek is happy, might never have found this, were it not for your mention.
    Last edited by sam8988378; 12-16-2005 at 12:35 AM. Reason: increased speed on trackball & clicked b4 writing anything

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    Default Uploading a copy of Norton 2003

    Newbie here!

    Trying to upload a copy of Norton 2003 to you but is there a way other than emailing it to ov@ etc?

    The reason is that I'm on Sky b/band and my upload speed is only about 350 kbps. And the program, in zip format, is about 30+ Mb it takes ages.

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    Take about 10 minutes to upload at that speed if there is no other connections going on same time.

    Big problem about this site is for us viewers on how to really make it short,fast and simple to upload the old version files here.

    I'm not a fan of breaking up files. Only if email supports large files that would be awesome. They got balls to give account 1gb of space but no balls for files larger then 10mbs that's so stupid.

    Yahoo messager is good you don't even have to add user to be allow to send file, I'm not sure if msn is like that I think msn messager you have to add user before you allow to send user file. UBI messager is like yahoo too don't need to add.

    All comes down to time of day whos on I guess then you maybe lucky.
    Last edited by Windows 2000 SP4; 03-19-2007 at 03:20 AM.

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    Didn't understand anything you said, W2kSP4 :/
    Anyway, I suppose one may upload a file on a hosting service and just send the link by email ... so problem of mail attachment size restrictions ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catain Thunderpants View Post
    Newbie here!

    Trying to upload a copy of Norton 2003 to you but is there a way other than emailing it to ov@ etc?

    The reason is that I'm on Sky b/band and my upload speed is only about 350 kbps. And the program, in zip format, is about 30+ Mb it takes ages.
    I have sent you instructions via PM.
    Alex Levine


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