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Thread: Flash Problem

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    "Originally Posted by the gaffer
    have you checked the adobe website http://www.macromedia.com/support/do...10.html#117408 bottom of the page refers to instructions for disabling updates notifications etc"
    I tried that twice and it didn't work.

    I deleted what I put in the Hosts file as well.

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    Hmm I think I have found how you should be able to fix it.
    The names might not be exactly the same as I say since I have only french versions of Windows, so I provided screenshot to help locating the things according to where the buttons are in the dialog boxes / which icons are present ...

    So, I think you should do like this :
    1 - Open Internet Explorer
    2 - Menu "Tools", "Internet Options..."
    3 - Tab "Contents"
    4 - Button "Publishers" (or "Editors" or something ... )
    5 - select any line containing something about Macromedia or Adobe
    6 - Click Delete
    7 - Close the dialog boxes with Ok

    Screenshot : http://xs413.xs.to/xs413/07125/enleverautorisation.png

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    Thanks, but that didn't work either. This is so crazy. Everyone else gets a pop up, asking if they want to download it.
    Last edited by Judy; 03-23-2007 at 07:28 AM.

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    Another question, why do you want to use an old version? Im no security expert, but i think using an outdated version lowers the security level of your computer drastically. Browser, java, flash, shockwave, etc. should always kept up to date. In the worst case, if you (unintentionally) visit a malicious website, someone might gain access/control to your whole harddrive. Surfing with Internet explorer 6 is already dangerous enough, IMHO.

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    Flash 9 causes errors in internet explorer, and shuts the browser down.
    I never had any problems with version 7. I've heard horror stories from friends, and all over the Internet on IE7. Even if I did have Flash 9, that wouldn't solve my real problem, flash downloading without prompting.

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    I do not use IE or FLASH, but since this problem seems to still be going on, I will see if can add some help.
    I am going to assume the OP does not want FLASH to auto upgrade?

    Open IE's PROPERTY dialog. Which is as simple as right-clicking on the IE icon, selecting PROPERTIES.

    Go to the TAB marked Security. a simple way to do this would be to click on Default Level. This in theory should solve some issues.

    But, you probably will want to fine tune this, so click on the Custom Level. Then you can read down the list, and change your settings to Prompt for the ActiveX controls.

    This should then ipop-up a window when you go to a website which wants to install something into your web browser.

    If you want to disable that, you can do that as well by setting the options to Disable

    There is also a setting to disable Install on Demand. Which is usually used by the web browser to upgrade FONTS and similar.

    This is located under the Advanced tab.

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    "change your settings to Prompt for the ActiveX controls."

    I have done that, and I do get my computers prompt. I also have Install on Demand disabled.

    I was hoping to find out how to get the promp that every one else gets from Adobe, when a site wants to download an upgrade. There's obviously something on my computer that's prevents that prompt from showing. Thank you for posting though.

    I'm also trying the forums on Adobe to see if they know.

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    Maybe at some point in time, an Adobe program was getting installed and the prompt came up asking you if you want to ALWAYS TRUST ADOBE.
    You may want to remove any security certificates from ADOBE.

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    I'm not 100 % sure but if you go to a page with flash on it and right or left click on the
    flash window you'll pop up a small options window, it asks whether you want the microphone
    or camera to be 'on' and it might ask if you want to auto download and install new versions.

    Also I'm sure in Tools in IE there's a setting to download and install automatically programs
    that present themself to your browser. You ARE using Internet Explorer right? < = You should
    consider going to Opera or Firefox due to suseptability to hacking attacks and you'll find Opera
    and Firefox MUCH more fun and easy to use.. but in IE you can choose to NOT have the browser
    download and install new programs < = again Microsoft is made for the dumb mass of people who will
    let themselves be subject (Like a British Subject) subject to the whim's of Microsoft. That's the best
    reason to switch.

    Hope those help. I'm sure you'll get better help in details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by locustfurnace View Post
    Maybe at some point in time, an Adobe program was getting installed and the prompt came up asking you if you want to ALWAYS TRUST ADOBE.
    You may want to remove any security certificates from ADOBE.
    I removed the security certificate, and it worked!
    Thank you, and everyone else who helped me. This is a great help forum.


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