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    [B}THANK YOU! [/B] Thank you for spending the time to answer my question.
    I do understand more than I read in the beginning so some of it is sinking in.
    Sorry to hear about Windows 3.1 My parents had that on their old puter and I really hated it. (Waaaay back when, before windows, I did CAD and thought that was easy)(too bad I never stayed with the computers through the growth stages)
    But I guess I will start playing around with my old W98 puter and since I have restore discs, not much to lose!
    One thing that I have not found is something between the dummies books and tech manuals. Like the time I was trying to find out about file extensions, never could find what was what. Maybe that is basic beginner info, but I have not ever found what I consider to be non-idiot, non-geek middle books. oh well.... THANKS AGAIN! Chris

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    I do my own hardware replacement on all of our computers. so at least I am not afraind to open the case and replace a modem (again) or swap out the CD drive!
    And I just remembered that DH's puter has W95!

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    your welcome. Here is a sit with some basic computer terminology


    TWAIN - "Technology (or Toolkit) Without An Interesting Name" - An interface standard for scanner, fax, graphics and text-reading (OCR) software. It allows images to be scanned directly into the image editing software. Most recent scanners come with TWAIN drivers, and most recent image-editing software accept data from TWAIN.

    Another with File Extension formats


    but I have not ever found what I consider to be non-idiot, non-geek middle books. oh well.... THANKS AGAIN! Chris
    The SAMS books seem to be a middle road type guide.
    http://samspublishing.com/ they can be found at the bookstores, sometimes ya can get them in the cut-out bin too for a good price.

    Tim O'Reiley has some good books, can be found in major bookstores as well. On the site you can sometimes read a preview chapter as well.

    and another site that has very good magazines, such as their Computing Encyclopedia series

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    Thanks again.
    Got a DOS book today for 25c. ha. Library has LOTS of books too but it is cheaper to buy than pay the fines (PC DOS 7 -- looks like is is pretty understandable, dated but hey- for a quarter&#33
    Have bookmarked sites. I like to open multiple pages than go offline and read!
    I actually did take an online college course one time but it was a ripoff and not useful and it was outdated at the time and $$!

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    Originally posted by CALM+Jul 27 2003, 07:07 PM--></span><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (CALM @ Jul 27 2003, 07:07 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'>(PC DOS 7 -- looks like is is pretty understandable, dated but hey- for a quarter&#33[/b]

    Thats cool, thats IBM Pc DOS 7.0.
    I have IBM&#39;s PC DOS, i have used it to build embedded devices, such as music jukeboxes. not much too different in it from MS DOS.
    you might want to check out FREEDOS - yes it is free. http://freedos.org/
    its alive and kicking and up to date.

    @Jul 27 2003, 07:07 PM
    Have bookmarked sites. I like to open multiple pages than go offline and read&#33;

    you might want to use Phoenix, i mean, Firebird, for web browsing, since it includes tabbed browsing, which is a extremely nice feature when looking at multiple pages. (goes the same for Mozilla, Netscape, OPera, MyIE...etc etc.)

    I also have a huge collection of pdf files for reading, I have about 1.5GB of pdf books, manuals, tips and how-tos.
    you might want to scour the net looking for pdf books for reading.

    I stuck them on my web server so i can have access to them much faster and i can share them with some also.

    There is not too much diff between some of the name conventions in DOS to say, Unix®.
    DOS uses the backslash &#092; while UNIX® uses the forward slash /
    and once ya get used to using commands in DOS you can always - if you later use a Unix® system, make alias&#39;s for the commands. as so
    DOS uses dir to display the directory listing, while Unx uses the ls command, so you would make an alias to point dir=ls.
    So now whenever you want to show a dir in Unix® all you have to do is type B]dir[/B].

    For each DOS command there is built in help commands, to display them for each, on the CL type the command with a forward slash followed by a ? mark. as so
    C:>dir /? this will display all the command line options available for the command. Even alot of the CL run Windows tools can use the help switch. Such as when you go to reinstall windows, and your on the CL and you type
    C:>setup.exe /? this will give alot of options for installing windows, such as NO PROMPTING, NO BOOTDISK CREATION, DON&#39;T DISPLAY BANNERS WHILE INSTALLING, this is useful for performing an unattended installation of Windows. meaning you dont have to sti and click through all the stupid questions when installing windows.

    One last tip, anytime you are messing with DOS, make sure you load the DOSKEY command, this will keep you from having to reype all the commands over and over. It keeps a history of the commands you typed, so if ya need to type the same long strings over n over, now you can just press the up arrow to scroll through past commands typed.
    This saves alot of time. and useful for finger errors made.

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    If you are REALLY concerned about your privacy, you should know that with
    internet explorer, there are records of every site you have visited in index.dat
    files located in:

    c:&#092;windows&#092;tempor~1&#092;content.ie5&#09 2;index.dat
    An option for the lazy
    A site (If your lazy like me or havnt been concentrating lol) that has some research and a small cleaner program that I have found useful with Win98 I.E5.5 . However it does seem to clean everything i.e. option buttons might not work but you probably need a good clean out anyway.Warning History might make interesting reading
    Spider HomeSite
    BTW Thanks for DOS tips in earlier posts copied those .


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