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    Default Windows 98SE Installing

    I have tryed a lot of fourms for the right answer to this but none helped at all so i would like to try here. I have a Soyo motherboard and it is working and everything else and a maxtor HD and i have been using windows 98se for 8 years untill Jan 07 cause i wanted to try windows xp again to play a game. After installing xp and played the game i formated my HD as i always have and used fdisk and a program from the maxtor website to delete my HD clean, well when i placed the 98se cd into my drive it started ok and where it gets to installing files it gets to 6% and then stops and will not install futher. I have tried four different 98se cd's i have which three are new but everyone still stops at 6%. I can install xp with no problem and i was told it could be my HD or my MB so i replaced both cause i keep spares but still no good. Anyone ever had a problem like this orknow how to get 98se back into my HD? This has got me going NUTS and i hate xp.

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    check out this thread,http://www.oldversion.com/talk/showthread.php?t=1372 similar typw of problem,another point may be try a different cd rom drive,i have had this problem only this week where a drive loaded one os disc but not another,as they are relatively cheap nowadays i usually just replace them as a matter of course.
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    Do you have any RAM you can swap with?

    One way to install 98 is to copy it from the CD to the HD, then install from the HD. I do not have the time to go into details if you do not know who to do this. But it's not difficult.

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    Delete all partitions with Fdisk, reboot, repartition with Fdisk, reboot, and then reset the master boot record with the following Fdisk command at DOS prompt...
    fdisk /mbr
    ...reboot and format the drive to then install 98se.

    Note: I always have a copy of Partition Magic 8.06 for DOS handy for those quirky partitiion problems. Fdisk is limited in capabilities.

    Also, if you have your system overclocked, you may need to set to default, then install 98se, then overclock afterwards.

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    XP is under NTFS unless you covert to FAT32


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