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    get a diffrent browsre like mozilla or phonix

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    After trying to force IE 6 to work on a win 98 64 mgs ram system, I gave up.
    The system requirements of IE 6 are too massive for my computer. I do not know what type of system you are running but if you check to see how hard you are pushing your memory you will probley find that I E. is crashing from overload.
    I run IE 4 now and my system never crashes. With 5.5 It was running on the edge. As with any older software it does not have all the bells and whistles but it Works the best with my system. Once again the reason for this site is to allow you to have a opportunity to regulate your system and not have to live only with what is new.
    IE 6 expects you to have windows XP and the latest computer equipment. If you have the ability pick up a non dependent IE browser and install,( so you can still find your downloads) then remove IE 6. Start with IE 4 and work up. You will see considerable speed increase with the older browser and it will be very easy on the system.
    The downside is that Every level up of IE gives you more of the software extras you are use to using and may not be able to live with out. Try a happy medium and get 5.5.
    Bottom Line is everytime I ran out of system resources IE 6 would start over.
    Then you would loose everything you were doing.

    Be very careful working with IE 6 It infiltrates every part of your system and It will make your life miserable If you do not know what you are doing!!!!

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    If you are using Win98,there should be a program in System Tools to repair IE.I have it in mine.Go to System tools through the start menu,and in system information,under tools,you should find it.It may help you.

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    Its on the AOL 6.0 disk. Make sure you are viewing hidden folders. there is IE 6, 5.5 and 5, i belive.

    More RAM, less processes running.

    Get Opera


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