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    Default Looking for / exchanging Old Mac Software

    A few weeks ago I got the idea of reviving my first mac.
    It was a LC475 that I bought in 1994 and sold 2 years later.
    I found one on the internet and bought it for Ä 25,-

    Than I wanted to reinstall all the apps that I had installed back then.
    Unfortunately I threw all my app-discs away about a year ago.
    I found a lot of software by asking friends en looking on the internet.

    But old software is hard to come by. I know it is illegal to share software,
    but those apps being that old, won't hurt the companies that made them
    'couse the're obsolete and replaced by new versions for years.
    So I am still looking for:

    - Strata Studio Pro 1.75 of 1.5
    - InfiniD 4
    - Live Picture 1.5 or 2
    - Painter 2, X2 or 3

    What I have to offer in return is:

    Adobe Dimention 1.0.sit
    Adobe Illustrator 3.sit
    Adobe Illustrator 5.5.sit
    Adobe Illustrator 5.sit
    Adobe Illustrator 6.0.zip
    Adobe Illustrator 7.0.zip
    Adobe Photoshop 2.5.1+sn.sit
    Adobe Photoshop 3.0.zip
    Adobe Photoshop 4.0.zip
    Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1.sit
    Adobe Streamline.zip
    Adobe Type Reunion Deluxe
    Asterax 1.2 É.sitx
    Astro Chase 3Dô 1.0.5.SIT
    ATR 2.5.2 Update.sit (OS9+)
    ATR Deluxe 2.6.sit (OS8+)
    Crescendo 7200 Install 1.1
    Crescendo/Enc Ins 3.1
    Disk Copy
    Fontographer 4.1.4.zip
    Fontographer 4.1.5.zip
    Fontographer 4.7.3 + Ser.zip
    Freehand 3.1.zip
    Freehand 5 Install.zip
    Mac OS 7.5 internet install
    Netscape Navigatorô 4.08
    Norton Utilities
    PopChar Lite 2.7.2
    QuarkXPress 3.3 (LC II).sit
    Ram Doubler.image
    RAM Doublerô 9.img
    Sonnet Processor Upgrade
    SoundApp PPC.sit
    SoundEdit for SE & older.sit
    Speed Doubler.image
    Strata StudioPro 2.5.3.toast
    Suitcase 3.0 Folder
    TechTool Pro 3.sit
    Tetris Max 2.4 folder.sit
    WordPerfect 2.1.zip

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    Software Archives.com - Free Software Downloads for Macintosh


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    Thanx 4 the tip.

    But it just didn't have old software.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hansolo View Post
    Thanx 4 the tip.

    But it just didn't have old software.
    also keep in mind this is a windows forum.you could send a pm to locustfurnace he may be the best to point you in the direction of mac stuff,allow time though hes obviously very busy these days
    simply me

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    Thanx G,

    I am looking around for mac specific sites and found them too.
    There's just more windows stuff around then mac stuff i'm afraid..

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    Hey, we are interested in Mac software! The only thing is - I don't have a working mac to test it out on. Well, perhaps it's time to get it working!
    Alex Levine

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    Quote Originally Posted by ABlix View Post
    Hey, we are interested in Mac software! The only thing is - I don't have a working mac to test it out on. Well, perhaps it's time to get it working!
    Well, I think it is. When you've got that guy up 'n runnin' just let me know.


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