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    Default ArcSoft PhotoStudio

    I recently placed a request for an older version of ArcSoft PhotoStudio in the appropriate forum, but maybe my problems would be better addressed here??

    I requested the following software:

    Program Name: ArcSoft PhotoStudio
    Website: http://www.arcsoft.com/products/photostudio/
    Current version: 5.5
    Desired versions: previous version circa 2001
    Description: a very basic photo editing software that possibly came bundled with my HP computer or a digital camera

    Let me explain my problem:

    Recently, my computer went through some updates (Windows and HP) -- and somehow, (I'm not a computer genius by any means,) my jpeg/jpg opening software was automatically changed to something else which does not allow me to do simple editing features like resizing. I have run a thorough search of my hard drive for ArcSoft, Photo, and the likes, and cannot find the software files anywhere on my system. I did, however, find a hyperlink in the HP help files to the ArcSoft website, so that makes me think it may have come bundled with my computer when purchased. I have grown quite comfortable with the ArcSoft PhotoStudio program and have used it for editing, mostly resizing, photos for years. I don't care to purchase the new software, I would just as soon have the older version that I was used to using. I am operating on Windows XP, if that helps, as well. It is updated currently.

    I have also run current virus scans, spyware, and malware scans via "a-squared", "Ad-Aware", and "Spy-bot".

    Is it possible that the old ArcSoft PhotoStudio software is still somewhere on my system, and I simply can't find it?
    Calls to ArcSoft support have gone as can be expected, ie old version, no serial number, pre-bundled software not supported, no recent purchase receipt = no support. If anyone can help me recover the lost files or share their older version, it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe there's just something simple I'm missing?? Thanks to all for their help in advance!

    I've been a lurker here for a few months now and have gained a lot of knowledge and respect for those of you (in the know). It's great to have a site like this available!
    Thanks again,

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    hi brian. very doubtful either of those updates ie windows or hp should affect an arcsoft title,also unless you uninstalled it it should still be there,try right clicking on a jpg image and choose open with and then in the next box click choose program and see if the arcsoft title is in the list if it is choose it and be sure to tick the box at the bottom to always open this type of file with this program.let me know how you get on.
    simply me

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    Thanks for your response.

    This morning, when I right clicked on "some" jpg icons, I no longer saw the "open with" choice! I can remember it being there as recent as yesterday with these same jpg files. Yesterday, I clicked "open with" and ArcSoft was not listed as a preferred program (as it used to be), or even as a "choose program" option.
    If I double click on, or right click then click on preview, it opens the jpg with "Windows picture and fax viewer." If I click on "edit", it opens with "paint".
    Very interesting that I no longer had the "open with" option on "some" photos. I DO, however, get the "open with" option on all photos I have checked today, including the same files that it was not available on yesterday, and find that ArcSoft is no longer available there as well. I have also noticed that the jpg icons/tiles have changed from yesterday to today (some sort of orange sailboat picture in the tile.) Yesterday it was something else. I may have changed the program which opens the files and have done that myself, I am not sure.
    Any thoughts or suggestions? My first assumption would be a virus, but according to several virus scans, I do not see anything wrong. I have also noticed that some filenames under the thumbnail images are in blue text, while others are black. I have never noticed that until recently. Again, any of this make sense to anyone?
    At this point, I would assume that I had a virus at some point and lost the ArcSoft prog. I certainly would not have uninstalled it intentionally. I am just hoping to get it back now.
    Thanks again for all your help. - Trust me, as frustrated as all this is to me, your help is VERY MUCH appreciated!

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    I would try the following procedure:

    1. right-click on a jpeg-file
    2. choose "properities"
    3. click on the "change" button
    4. in the "open with" box click on "browse"
    5. look in your program directory (c:/program files/) for the arcsoft folder and then choose the photostudio program file (photostudio.exe probably).

    If you can't find your arcsoft folder, try the windows desktop search (click on your desktop and press F3).

    Good luck!

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    Thanks, but I think I have already crossed all those bridges.
    Already tried the "choose program" method as the gaffer had previously suggested. I have already done a destop and complete file search on my system for anything with the name Arcsoft or PhotoStudio in the search box. Nothing was found except a few hyperlinks from the HP help folders, (I've got an HP computer). If I had it on my computer, I would sure like to re-install it, but for th elife of me, I can't even find it!

    So....I'm still desperately seeking help here. Surely someone out there has this prog. As noted here, it has been made readily available in different software bundles with some digital cameras and scanners.

    Thanks again to everyone,

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    Did your HP come with arcsoft preinstalled? If so, you should be able to restore it with your HP recovery cd. Do you have something like that?

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    Default Similar Arcsoft Photostudio 5.0 problem

    I went through some updates (including SP3 installation), and now when I put in the memory card I no longer get the option to use PhotoStudio to download the pictures. For that matter, ZoomBrowser doesn't show up either.

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    @Brian: I had exactly the same problem that you are having. No, you didn't do anything wrong, I'm pretty sure. And, no..none of that right click..choose program stuff works. The damn program just disappeared.

    Now, I did have a little bit of luck after asking for advice in a dozen places. While looking for some music files on an old thumb drive, I found a copy of the Photo Studio program that I had forgotten about saving as a back up.

    Ok, I realize that does not help you a bit. I would consider e-mailing the file to you but I think it is way too big to e-mail. It might even be too big to put on a CD. I forget how big it is. Even though I now have the program back on my desktop where I can get to it, I can not access it by clicking on a jpeg image nor by right clicking and then clicking "open with". I have to drag and drop photos into it....but it's still better than not having it at all.

    I looked into many other "similar" programs but found nothing that was as easy and versatile as photo studio. -Al Lee-


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