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    Default Crazy Old Screensaver

    Now, I know this is going to sound like an insane task, but here goes...

    Some time in the late 90s I had this one screensaver on my computer. I had the same screensaver until 2002, when that computer crashed. I've gone nuts trying to find it, ever since. For a while, I thought it was an After Dark screensaver, but I've yet to find a version of After Dark that has/had it. Then, I thought it might have been part of one of my mom's old shareware collections (back when turning your monitor in to a strobe light was an accomplishment). I couldn't find it in any of the software I could get a hold of, but maybe I just didn't look hard enough. It might even just be an After Dark screensaver that isn't supported anymore. Anyways, here's the description...

    It's grainy sci-fi-ish video of a guy wearing goggles, with techno-babble text popping up on the screen (stuff about connections and errors and the sort). There's a female synthesized voice reading off some of the same techno-babble. I remember that the options available for the screensaver were mostly just choices of color. One of the things I found most odd was that purple was an option (It's hard to find purple-themed screensavers). "Amber" was one of the other options.

    I know it's a bit rude to come on to a forum and ask for help in my first post, but I figured there might be some old school screensaver-collectors on these forums (I used to be one back when I had the 'saver I'm trying to find), and it's slowly driving me crazy, not having any evidence that the coolest screensaver I ever had ever existed. On a side note, has anyone else noticed how difficult it seems to be to find good screensavers these days? Just a bunch of crappy slideshows now-a-days...

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    Default Reply to old screensaver post

    I had an old 386 that had After Dark on it. I'm not sure if it had that specific screensaver, but it may have.

    I suggest going to this site.


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