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    Default itunes help!! please

    Hi, ive got windows xp professional and i have the latest version of itunes. when i first installed itunes and quicktime from the apple website. When i first ran it it loaded fine then after about a week i got an error message and now everytime i try and load up itunes or quicktime, with itunes i get an error message and quicktime doesnt seem to do anything.

    ive uninstalled both programs about 5 or 6 times, reinstalled them in everyway possible and i still get the same message for itunes and quicktime doesnt load up. Can if possible anyone help with this problem


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    Could you post some details of the error message?

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    Ok, when the error message asks me to send it to microsoft and i then click view details it comes up with this.

    "Error Signature
    ppName: itunes.exe AppVer: ModName: unknown
    ModVer: Offset: 42006100

    Reporting Details

    This error report includes information regarding the condition of itunes when the problem occurred, the operating system version and computer hardware in use, your digital product id, which could be used to identify your license, and the internet protocol address of your computer"

    If you need anymore information please let me know ill try and get if for you!

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    Many people seem to have had issues with iTunes 7. Have you tried installing an earlier version, such as 6 ?

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    Dont itunes have there own support section on there site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windows 2000 SP4 View Post
    Dont itunes have there own support section on there site?
    Yes Apples does offer a support forum for iTunes. Just as almost all developers of the software titles here do.

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    Default Having trouble with itunes recognizing Quick Time?

    Recently tried to access itunes, which we have used very frequently prior to the holiday season.

    Received error code 2096 that states "itunes requires quick time .....please reload itunes?" So, I have unistalled and then subsequently reinstalled both of the newest available versions from apple (7.3.1 QT) and 7.5 for itunes to no avail Multiple times! I continue to get the same error message. Quick Time opens with no problem....but again I cannot open itunes at all.

    Any suggestions?



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