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    Default Admin edit: user error, false-positive confirmed - no virus

    When I downloaded AVG Anti-Virus 7.5.487 and installed it on my laptop, it came up and said it found several viruses, and proceeded to delete a whole bunch of important Windows XP files, so my laptop wouldn't even boot up. Now I got it running in safe mode and deleted the virus-ridden program, and see that the virus also changed my account from an administrator to a regular user, and created a new administrator account, which of course I cannot log into. I know I didn't have any viruses before I installed this because I had AVG 8. I had just removed it because I wanted to downgrade to AVG 7.

    This file needs to be removed immediately.
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    I just installed it in a virtual PC running Windows XP and performed a complete scan, then rebooted : it didn't do any harm. The virtual PC just takes a bit longer to boot up to the desktop, probably because it's loading the antivirus' services.

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    Thankyou Constance for testing that file,I too have just downloaded it and scanned it with several scanners,I have also installed it on an xp machine and scanned the machine with it and it reports nothing,i then removed it and installed another antivirus and done a complete system scan and all came up clear.This is obviously an issue with your pc jd87 and you must of had the virus before you downloaded the avg 7.5.487 please advise us of the virus name etc that it supposedly found and we can research it a little more.
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    All files on this site are tested extensively with multiple virus scanners (I won't go into specifics for security reasons) on multiple systems. I do appreciate all your efforts in double checking as well.

    We also try to verify MD5 sums whenever we can, but unfortunately that is not always possible without the cooperation of every single software company.

    We occasionally get reports and of course we double check the file, but so far all of these reports have been false positives. Also, some people mistake spyware (Adaware) for viruses, whereas that is how the original software was offered for download.
    Alex Levine


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