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    Default Musicmatch User settings

    I'm new here. I came in search of information on installing an older version of Musicmatch, while retaining such User information as star ratings on tracks. In particular, I'm interested in going back from the Yahoo-fouled 10 version currently running, to a 9 version. I don't want to lose a lot of user-input information in the process.

    I've also seen reference to purchased key codes not re-enabling such things as faster RIPping and burning. Any information on this would be appreciated, though since MM lost it's CDDB capabilities I'm mostly using CDex to RIP.

    Thanks for any information anyone might have on these subjects.

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    "Most software packages only allow you to save some setting when upgrading."

    Hi Doctor,
    Thanks for responding. That was indeed my fear. I am approaching this whole thing very carefully, with backups of every location I can think of, including the registry, and User and Application folders in Documents and Settings, as well as the Musicmatch folder itself. I am hoping to identify particular files or entries which I might be able to restore after a rollback, but I know this may be a hopeless cause. The make-or-break issue, as I see it, is whether the formats for this information remained the same from one version to the next in line. I've already tried reinstalling a version 10, which I have saved, over the existing install. The installer said that it was an older version, even though the numbers are the same. It went on to completion, but the program would not boot past the splash screen. Fortunately, I was able to restore the backups and get it working again. I'm going to work at it some more, all the same. It's going to take some fine-toothed examination of files in the various locations, probably the Docs and Settings stuff, and maybe the registry. One thing I hope to accomplish is to get rid of the Yahoo nag screens. I've blocked Musicmatch in my firewall to try to keep stuff from getting back in if I have any success.

    I don't know if this is of interest to anyone else, but I'll post if I come up with anything.
    Thanks again!
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