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    Default The Hope of centuries to come

    Dear OV Dudes, 09/20/2009

    Wow! You guys are THE MAJOR find of the century! Pick any century. (found you through WebCrawler [who uses it anymore?]) Newer certainly is NOT better. As an electronics technician I have worked with some of the most state-of-the-art equipment and software there is. But at home I use an old HP Pavilion 4533, Pentium ll, 450 Mhz pc loaded with Win98SE.
    I often collect, restore, and sell older computer equipment and game consoles and other stuff. My Tandy's were stolen. My Commodore 64 I loaned to someone who moved away, so it's lost too. And... ARGH! My Packard Bell Pentium l died an absolute fatal death recently. But I still have the software for it (Win 3.1). Some of the best games in early 3D and earlier graphics modes. It had the ultimate best in a software called FAXWORKS. It answered the phone, paged you about recent calls. You could call your computer from any phone and have it fax documents to any fax line. It had a sound file editor superior to most I've seen today allowing you to cut and splice with precision. You could record a song, split the file and insert comments (imagine what you could do with the "Purple People Eaters" song)! I will keep the software in the hopes I can find another (compatible) Packard Bell computer someday.
    But I still have my Atari game console and I haul it out from time to time and enjoy the real and early history of computer gaming that influenced every aspect of computers and software today. (Who does not enjoy asteroids)
    Recently I performed a complete restore on my system and ran into some problems. My older software versions were no longer supported by their makers or their makers were defunct. Finding drivers, core software downloads and updates turned into a nightmare! You guys saved me. (not with the drivers, though I did find another site for that (<http://www.dll-downloads.com/dll_win98.asp>). I have now saved copies of what I need and created 2 cd's as backups, though I am sure I will find more as time goes by. I still haven't got the full drivers to make my keybord work as designed (particularly volume controls and such; but hey minor sacrifice)

    A few minor recommendations:
    *In your downloads screen list minimal and optimal system requirements for the download. (It sometimes helps as well to know the upper system limitations. (i.e. some software written for say Win95 will not work in ANY widows environment above 98 and may goof the entire system. What is worse, unistalling and/or registry restoring will not always fix the problem.

    *Encourage system backups before installing any older software. (In the best of times restoring my current systems in the raw takes about 12 hours. And most people don't know how)

    *When possible or needed, add an installation tips guide document. In that document list refference links for further clarification.

    *List sources (i.e. contributors) of older software versions and contact links. For individuals this might not work entirely. But for company (small or big) distributors it adds confidence.

    *Approach companies to release their unsupported software to you for free release. Ask them to link your site to their's for older software versions and of course you would do the same for newer applications and upgrades. This would give you a MUCH greater base and library. It does however increase your need for physical computer space, internet bandwidth, and maybe most important of all; Able Handlers (i.e. those who "handle, work with, or test contributions).

    *Focus on electronic and software technology of course; but as things come to light or awareness, add links to other sites that include physical technologies and/or histories.

    If you folk have a place in Houston TX I want to work for you! Maybe even if it's NOT in Houston. I've worked in electronics nearly all of my career. But that includes and awful lot of vendor and 3rd party software. You can't work with electronics today without knowing SOMETHING about software. I've had to test and sometimes fix it all.
    In my trained world heirarchy is:
    *analog (I've worked with and on analog computers)
    Granted this has been a bit of a runon. But I hope you read it and appreciate what you've done for me (i.e. enabled me to do).
    Thank you for thinking of old restoration folk like me. I once and often thought I wanted to be on the cutting edge. I went into electronics because of that thought. But you guys have made clear something dear and true. A body must stay aware of the current developements; true. But supporting the older versions gives Archemeides a firm place to stand.
    "Without a yesterday today is incomplete. Without a complete today tomorrow is... uncertain"
    Again Thank you
    Look forward to talking to youand using your services again often,
    John Ricci
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    Hey John,

    I appreciate all that you said and your suggestions are immensely helpful. I'm currently working on implementing most of what you said, but it may take a few months to get the programming to sync up with the vision that we share.

    Our server is in Texas through ThePlanet, but I am in upstate New York myself. Plus, we can't really afford real employees, as valuable as your services sound.

    I'm always happy to hear your feedback though and if you want to help with the development of these new features, simply by reviewing the design plan and things like that, feel free to stay in touch with me through PM or email OldVersion.com

    Kind regards,
    OldVersion.com Founder
    Alex Levine

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    Welcome John!!

    Certainly nice to see another Win98se fan!! (98se is my favourite OS)

    You certainly got that right. NEWER IS NOT BETTER .. NEWER IS OVER BLOATED CRAP!!!!

    I hope you like it here

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    Every time I try to use the control panel; I get this error message.

    "Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing."

    Help !

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    Dec 2009


    You certainly got that right. NEWER IS NOT BETTER .. NEWER IS OVER BLOATED CRAP!!!!

    I hope you like it here

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    What an idiot!


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