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    Default split personality in my old version

    I open a folder of photos and then open one of them. The software displays all of the thumbnails. But the captions are for other photos in another folder! However, when I double click on a thumbnail it opens the photo that goes with the caption! So I have a split personality in there.

    The only way I can get them back right is to open the files in other software, like in my MGI Photo Suite. But that requires me to open one photo at a time. I have ten thousand photos!

    Has anyone experienced this wierd thing, and been able to fix it?

    H828Man (Hate to wait man!)

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    Try updating thumbnails (right click on the miniature, see context menu...) / deleting the Thumbs.db hidden file ?

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    Thanks for your info but I am unable to figure it out. Can you explain it a bit more?

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    Default photos

    soounds like you have more than 1 peice of photo software and they are seriously confliciting
    findthe one you use most often and keep tiand delete the other it should restore allthe info to the right palce the reason this is happening is that the file associations that are granted for photo suite are being corrupted by the other photo softwar and the only way to fix that many pix is to restore the defaulsts set by the original software

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    Default split personality in my old version

    That sounds very plausable.

    Can you please tell me where I should go first to do what you suggest? I can probably figure it out once I start. I am not vey computer savvy being an old codger but I am persistent and can usually figger it out. Having a place to start however is the biggest step so if you dont mind just tell me "start by....etc." and I'll take it from there.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Default split personality in my old version

    I am having trouble doing what the last person suggested. I cannot find anything where I can restore defaults. I uninstalled my MGI Photo suite and the problem is still there, so I am stuck.

    What would happen if I uninstalled ACDSee and reinstalled it?

    Any and all suggestion swill be welcome.

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    Default split personality

    I uninstalled ACDSee and reinstalled. Same problem still! It appears to be growng. I did a seareh on my computer for photos ending in .jpg and there are over 30,000! They seem to be multiplying and eating my computer. Help!


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