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    Default What cell phone do you have?

    I have the HTC Diamond from Sprint.

    Not a bad phone, but I miss the full QWERTY keyboard on my old phone (the Mogul).

    Here's a pic of my phone that I took for a review I did on my blog:

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    May 2003


    The old brick phones were the best you could defend yourself with one and they were not even classed as a weapon
    simply me

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    I agree.......

    I wouldnt want a cell phone now... THEY ARE GARBAGE!! (Dropped calls,DIGITAL INSTEAD OF ANALOGUE,etc)

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    Now i have old mobile phone. Its really simple and slim. But i want to purchase new and latest technological phone.

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    Dec 2006


    I have a Nokia 6020 which I only use as an alarm clock now, since I don't actually need a portable phone ó I did around 3 years ago for my job, but my new job doesn't required it and I don't like calling people or being called by phone, so...

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    I like Sony Ericsson so i use W205, it's pretty good for me

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    i,ve been using nokia 1100 in austarlia for the past 3 years , last year when i came to US i unlocked my phones using codes from Unlock-Free.com : Unlock your mobile phone for free to use it with AT&T

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    I have been using Nokia 3110 for the past two years. Its having simple features and easy to use.

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    Jul 2010


    What I have at present is Blackberry. In the future, I would like to own the latest model of Blackberry. I think Blackberry is the best of the best. Do you know what I mean? Itís the coolest gadget ever.

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    Used to have a nokia 6230i, very good phone especially for it's time. You could (like the second reply here also -more or less- said) just smack it into the ground and it'd still run. I'd still have it if it had more features and a slide-qwerty, I'm kind of the heavy internet user and GPRS just isn't quite doing it.

    So now I got a Nokia E75. Good phone, but after 3 days I already had a scratch on the screen. I always just slide it in my pocket without protection, and that was fine with the old one. But newer phones need more care Really dislike that. Also the way it fits in your hand when not typing on the qwerty is awfull. Overall really not a bad phone, I just miss some things older phones had.
    Oh well I still got my 500MHz Windows 2000 laptop, now im talking about old things anyway xD


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