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    Default Adobe Reader - current version and updates

    The latest version of Adobe reader as of 11/22/09 is 9.2.

    I've been using v7.1, since it seems less bloated than v6 or v8. I don't think I tried v9, or if I did, it must have been too bloated as well.

    Adobe recently posted some updates, including security updates. V7 is now up to 7.1.4. The quickest way to get it from scratch is to start with the full 7.1 installer and then install the 7.1.3 update, followed by the 7.1.4 update.

    Here are all the Reader updates for Windows:
    Adobe - Adobe Reader : For Windows

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    I've been using v7.1, since it seems less bloated than v6 or v8. I don't think I tried v9, or if I did, it must have been too bloated as well.

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    Adobe made some recent security updates to Reader. v8 is now 8.2, and v9 is 9.3. v7 is still 7.1.4.

    Here's a handy page of updates:

    And this short list of recent versions with downloads:
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    As of June 15, the latest version of Adobe Reader is 9.3.2, dated 4/13/10. The update can be applied directly to 9.3:
    Adobe - Adobe Reader : For Windows : Adobe Reader 9.3.2 update - multiple languages

    Version 8 is now 8.2.2, dated 4/13/10. The update can be applied directly to 8.2:
    Adobe - Adobe Reader : For Windows : Adobe Reader 8.2.2 update - multiple languages

    Unfortunately, this web page where I got the information no longer says anything about version 7:
    Adobe - Adobe Reader : For Windows

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    Adobe discontinued support for version 7 at the end of 2009:
    Adobe Reader and Acrobat Version 7 End of Support - Adobe Reader Blog

    If there weren't security problems, this wouldn't be a problem. I might end up moving to the latest version for that reason.

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    Ditch Adobe and use Nitro PDF Reader which also Edit, and type new text.
    and create PDF Files as well


    Nitro PDF Reader lets you create PDF files, comment and review, save PDF forms, extract text and images, type text directly onto the page, and more. Start working with PDF files the way you always wanted.

    Nitro PDF Reader Free Download and Reviews - Fileforum

    The replacement will be an application that not only lets users edit the PDF files they download, but type new text at any point into those files, and create new PDF files as well.
    Nitro PDF Reader is a stand-alone application that uses the Ribbon UI functionality made popular by Microsoft Office. If it has any drawbacks over Adobe Reader at all, it's the fact that it doesn't view PDF files inside the browser context. Instead, you download PDFs through whatever your browser happens to be, and they appear in the separate Nitro application context. But in that context, the application will offer some features that will compete with Acrobat, Adobe's commercial PDF producer application line, the most obvious being the ability to create and save PDF files from scratch.
    One feature that I found truly inspiring -- something I would literally use every day -- is a simple button that lets you stamp a PDF form with a scan of your signature. Many legal firms have gotten into the habit of printing out the final page of a PDF contract, then signing the contract, scanning it back in, and appending it to the PDF, just so the final page can bear a signature. With this feature, Nitro PDF keeps scans of multiple signatures on hand, and you can stamp one and resize it to fit any location on a page.
    Top Features ? Nitro PDF Reader

    Nitro PDF Reader ? The PDF Reader, Reimagined

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    Default Latest version is now 10.0.1, next version is 9.4.2

    Even with an older computer running Windows 2000, I found that version 9 doesn't seem nearly as bloated as certain older versions, and it's new enough to get security updates.
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    Default Adobe Reader - current version and updates

    The latest version of Adobe reader as of 11/22/09 is 9.2. it is very helpful for everyone.Thanks for share this .

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    Default As of early January 2012 - Adobe Reader 10.1.2 and 9.5

    For Windows 2000, the latest version of Adobe Reader is 9.5. For XP, the latest version is 10.1.2. If you're running Mac OS X 10.4.11, the latest version is 9.4. Version 10 is supposed to be more secure, and it runs pretty well on my Pentium 4 from 2003 running XP. I'm using version 9 on my Windows 2000. Older versions than 9 are no longer supported, and most or all of them probably have security problems.

    The "classic" older versions are 4, 5, and 7. Versions 6 and 8 seemed pretty bloated to me.For Macs running OS 9, I suppose

    Adobe is now making it more difficult to download the whole installer directly. They are pushing their download manager, which failed for me several times last night, wasting a lot of time. When it failed, it went to this page:


    This contains a link to a direct download page, which works.

    When I tried to go to this download page directly - http://get.adobe.com/reader/direct/ - it changed the page to http://get.adobe.com/reader/ - which downloads only the unreliable download manager.

    If you use the link from the first web page I mentioned, you'll get the direct download page.

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    Adobe reader has been one of the better software that is able to keep what they did best and even improve on those aspects that they lack something from.

    That is why I make it a point to download the latest software every time they release something just because I am certain that will be another good one. Though that goes without saying that you should be able to keep up with the latest hardware because most optimizations work well with new hardware as compared to those lagging quite behind.


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