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    Default which version of yahoo messenger is the best?

    hi, ive been using yahoo messenger ver 7.0 for a while. but im not too sure which version of yahoo messenger is the best so far.
    ive tried ver 8.0 or 8.1 w/ windows ME & vista, but it didnt work well, like... can not get in chat rooms & etc...

    so if anybody know which version is the best, could u tell me plz? thanx!

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    IMO, the older version is best. Just recently, the 5.x.x version no longer worked for me on XP... Mighta been a recent MS security update that broke it.

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    Default thx!

    thx for the info, Zootopia3000!

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    Default yahoo messenger chat room bug.. help!!!

    i've been using the latest version of yahoo messenger and seem to be getting a lot of problems with chat rooms and a lag in the normal personal message chat. the chat rooms sometimes are all shown full or it takes too long to connect and gets aborted.... anyone knows how to correct this? my messenger has direct connection to the net and there is no other app hindering with it... do i need to install an older version? if yes than which one is best for me as i regularly use the voice and webcam service too.

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    To me I think 7.5ca was best, I cant rememeber the older versions, I think 7.0 was good too.

    I know for fact 8.1 is too overloaded for older computers running windows 98se, and thats a problem because there are so many people still using windows 98se and yahoo seens to forgot that

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    Default Best version of Yahoo! Messenger for XP?

    I think it's about time to ask this question again, seeing the last time was 2007:
    What's the best version of Yahoo! Messenger?

    Preferrably I'd like to know what the best one is on Windows XP, but in general is fine.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Default yahoooooo

    from personal experience the bes tto use with XP is gonna be 8.0 the later vrsions were written for vista and now system 7

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    Thanks, Tpneer2. Just the other night I downloaded (the last of the 8s) and it has been working fine.

    Sorry, birquiswi, but I don't know if I can trust it. I think I downloaded version 9 something a few months ago and it would just keep closing due to an error.

    Thanks for the replies.

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    7.0 seems crudely made, sorry I prefer the 8.0


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