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Thread: Retail Software

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    Louis Campagna


    I am a long-time visitor to this site, my username is hockeyman16, I am just too lazy to log in right now.

    Anyway, here in the Requests forum, I am getting sick of seeing people request retail software, such as Adobe Photoshop and random Microsoft titles such as Windows and Office.

    Once and for all, you can try searching eBay for these titles, but please stop asking here; Oldversion.com does not post these titles because it would be illegal to do so.

    Thank you for reading this,
    Louis Campagna

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    No, you stupid f**k, posting a serial number is illegal, a download of the trial version isn't.

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    Louis Campagna


    I never said a trial version. People come to this site all the time asking for the full retail copies of many programs.

    I am so "stupid f**k" as you called me, I know what I am talking about. Read past posts if you don't believe me. I'm sure anyone here can and will agree with me on this.

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    Release Candiate 1
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    Apr 2003
    Moscow, Russia



    You are correct! But what shocks me is that someone has to responded with no respect. If we do not like what some has said on this forum then respond with decent respect. Just because we can not see you face to face does not mean you do not deserve respect.

    For what it means, sorry, for the response you got and mayby the other people posting will show some restraint in the future.

    By the way you are right. B)

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    Thank you very much for your reply. I am glad that my message is getting across and that people agree with me.

    As for the person that responded so disrespectfully, ever since my refuting message, I haven't heard back from him, so I think my message got the point across to him.

    Thanks again,
    Louis Campagna

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    Hi, I hope being a new visitor to your Forum I don't offend anyone. I think that you should not be able to post without signing in so the COWARDS that like to disrespect can have the balls to put their name next to their ignorence!!!
    Nice Forum and thank-you for the idea of finding older versions of proggies.

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    I agree, this forum is so we can help each other. I saw a post that requested Nero and I replied that I would mail them the program. Not a copy, the origional because I have no need for it. Nothing wrong with that and not illegal to give away software but I do agree with what you said about illegal copys. Im sorry you were treated with such disrespect.

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    Grandma (moderator)
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    Nov 2002


    Louis and Kyle,

    I quite agree with both of you.

    It seems like some people believe that OldVersion.com is a kind of a warez site.

    I do some searching for old program files and I am not always familiar with all the different programs. I have spent many wasted hours trying to find program files from less well known companies than Adobe and Microsoft only to find out that the requested programs are not shareware or freeware.

    Louis, take no note of the reply from guest “55193”. A person with such behaviour isn’t worth it!

    Eva Therese L

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    Thanks to everyone who is supporting me and this post. I haven't heard from guest 55193 since then, so hopefully, we got him to leave us alone.

    -Louis Campagna

    PS - This post is being used as a "thanks" and as a bump ;-)

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    Nov 2002
    Maryland, USA


    I just have1 thing to say and I will sum it up into 3 words:

    Disable guest posting!


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