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    I didn't follow any of the links, but one of the SPAM messages today purports to be offering illegal content (kiddy porn)...

    Whether or not it's true, it could have been...
    It could easily have posted an image that would have taken a lot of explaining.

    IMHO: If the administrator/owner isn't going to police the content, for his own good, he should shut down the forum.

    BTW: I could be under control.....When I spoke to a VB forum owner who has things under control about this site, his reply was....
    Quote Originally Posted by dcabarle View Post
    If he's running a legitimate copy of vBulletin, he should have access to all of the mods I have access to. As you can see, we don't have a major problem with bots like we used to unless of course you're deleting them all before I see them.
    In the past six months (aprox), we've had less than 10 bots that required deletion/banning by hand.

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    I couldn't post a new thread anywhere, either. I gues it's only spammers who can post new ones.

    I was trying to request that the site start offering Mathematica Player 7 (from wolfram.com), because the new free player doesn't support Windows 2000 any more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by locustfurnace View Post
    I believe they have.
    I've only recently been cleaning up the spam. It has been years since I posted here, but thought I would give it some help, starting to think it's fruitless.
    Its a real shame what has happened to this Forum over the last 6 to 9 months or so.
    I rarely come to visit because there is nothing to read of any interest.

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    Alex here --

    Yeah the spam has indeed gotten out of control. We're trying to figure out what the best way to address it. The plugins we tried installing have not worked.

    The Dude -- sorry that's how you feel about vB4. We actually attempted the upgrade because I thought perhaps the new version wouldn't be susceptible to the spam bots. Ironic, isn't it?

    We've been focusing on giving our site a makeover and making it easier for people to contribute software. Now you may be able to directly contribute software to http://www.oldversion.com through registering so this may almost eliminate a need for our forums. Of course, we've not given up..just been focusing all our energies into launching our blog and site revamp.

    Sorry I haven't kept in touch with you guys through the forums. This is as frustrating for me as it is for you!

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    It's obvious that you don't have the Admin/moderator manpower to handle this volume of spambots by hand....

    I moderate at another VB board that had a spambot problem almost this bad...
    The owner installed mods/plugins that worked. The few that get past the mods are easily screened by hand (most are listed in the database at stopforumspam.com).
    We've only had to ban 12 by hand since last October.... only two of them actually posted before they were banned.

    You could try contacting the owner of http://www.njflyfishing.com/ (username "dcabarle"), and see if he'll tell you which anti-spam mods he installed.

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    Thanks Pete! I actually installed a mod yesterday that screens the users against stopforumspam database yesterday. We'll see how things go from hereonin, but I didn't have to delete any posts yet since I've installed the mod -- seems to be working well! (hopefully that doesn't jinx it :\)

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    Two days.... no spam ... So far, it seems to be working....
    No other posts either.
    It may take some doing to get the "regulars" back.

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    Yup, spam has been drastically reduced -- a couple posts over the last two days that weren't too difficult to moderate. It's good to have the_gaffer back. Hopefully, some of the others will follow soon .

    Thanks for sticking around, Pete.


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