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Thread: Apple Rhapsody

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    can someone help me find Apple Rhapsody for i386 or x86? Thanx

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    Since Rhapsody took from Mach, Netbsd, OpenBSD, and now is - i believe, identified as "Mac OS X Server". which is not a free download.
    I do not see it available for download from the Apple ftp site, i will assume it is not something you can obtain legally without purchase.

    if you want to try Apple code on your x86 platform, try Apple's Darwin.

    Apple Darwin http://developer.apple.com/darwin/projects/darwin/
    Gnu/Darwin http://www.gnu-darwin.org/
    Open/Darwin http://www.opendarwin.org/
    Darwin hardware compatibility list http://darwinunderground.com/hardware/

    you were looking for "yellow-box" of the Rhapsody code. you best bet is try the Darwin, or maybe go for BeOS.
    i run Beos 4.5.2 on a 200Mhz machine, and it handles very nicely, and has built in web server called PoorMan. You should still be able to download the BeOS 5 PE, but if you want to install it on a stand alone machine, you are best to purchase a BeOS 5 Pro Cd, if you can find one.
    The nice thing with the BeOs 4.5 CD i purchased years ago is that it has code to run it on a x86 machine as well as a PPC.

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    I have tried to try Darwin, It starts up, but doesn't fully boot up...

    Thanx for the help though

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    Originally posted by ihartmacz@Jun 23 2003, 01:25 PM
    I have tried to try Darwin, It starts up, but doesn't fully boot up...

    yes it doesnt yet work with a wide range of hardware.
    Since i do not know why you are wanting it, i can only guess it is to run a webserver?

    there are many freely available servers out there you can use.


    AnalogX SimpleServer

    KF Webserver




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