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Thread: Compuserve

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    Citrus Buds


    Hey "Guest" have you ever tried Compuserve Classic and if so, did you like? please respond.

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    sorry about that..."guest" was me... I just didnt type my name in.

    Sorry, I have never tried CS Classic. But hey just install it on an old machine if you can.... cant hurt

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    CompuServe Classic is version 4.02 and below, and CompuServe 2000 is version 5.0 and above. America Online started CompuServe 2000 when they bought CompuServe. Classic and 2000 are two separate services with the same content. CS Classic offers a choice between viewing forums "message boards" as web pages or a more traditional online service look called HMI view, which displays fewer ads. It is something like the old "online services" Prodigy, Global Network Navigator, Genie, old America Online, etc., before the Internet was popular. CS 2000 is all displayed as web pages with many ads, while using an America Online interface.

    Your free web space on CS Classic contains no ads, but you cannot use FTP. You use an old version of Webpost.exe.

    Your free web space on CS 2000 contains an ugly banner ad across the top of your page, but you do get more web space, plus you can use FTP.

    You can still join CompuServe Classic, but America Online tries to keep it underground. They prefer you to use CS 2000, so they can try to convert you to America Online.

    I too am looking for CompuServe 3.0.4. CompuServe had it removed from there help forum.

    Hopefully, someone with one of the original installation discs will offer it to this website.

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    Originally posted by BLiND@Oct 6 2002, 10:44 PM
    Hello, I think the new CompuServe sucks and is slower than the older, more simpler versions. I think you guys can work something up cant'cha?

    p.s. i HATE new versions, i just love this site.
    They have a Compuserve section now(Just in case you didn't notice it or know ).

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    I have the CS disc with 7.0 and below on it. It has a "Classic" Folder on it and 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0. If anyone needs Classic(it seems to be popular around here) I can give it to you.

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    Looking for above software. Using 5.0 right now, 7.0 Big Brother seems to be watching. Firewall detection, excluded IP#'s, now can't log on.

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    you can actually download it here - from the compuserve FTP


    Or try this page. http://free.compuserve.com/trycsfree/wr4_n...on_id=412891791



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