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    I heard that AOL v9 is coming out with its very own built-in firewall. They released a beta of AOL9 if anyone feels like giving an opinion about it.

    I would download it but...I hate AOL.

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    Originally posted by TheBulbasaurfreak@Jul 25 2003, 03:41 PM
    Thanks for all the tips* * Plz add some more!
    More registry tips. For backing up the registry; with windows 9x built in tools.

    registry back up's will be stored in CAB file format, located in
    named: rb000.cab, rb001.cab, rb002.cab. .....

    you can manually force a registry backup by using the tool C:\WINDOWS\Scanregw.exe
    Click Start, RUN, type: scanreg

    Scanreg configuration files are located in C:\WINDOWS, named as follows;

    in regback.ini you can change some settings, such as the amount of backups to keep, where to keep them, which additional dir to backup as well. whether to optimize the registry.

    I added another folder for windows to place my backups to, with less clutter makes it easier to locate them, as follows:

    ;Backup directory where the cabs are stored is
    ; <windir>&#092;sysbckup by default. Value below overrides it.
    ; It must be a full path. ex. c:&#092;tmp&#092;backup

    another note is that if you want to edit the registry, use the regedit program.

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    iimni fgonna insto&#092;l; the o;d verisoins

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    Originally posted by OnE^ShoT^OnE^KiLL@Jul 30 2003, 11:23 AM
    iimni fgonna insto&#092;l; the o;d verisoins
    I think your keyboard is broke&#33;

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    Originally posted by CALM@Jul 10 2003, 08:23 PM
    I have NO IDEA HOW TO BACK UP REGISTRY FILES. I really would like to know how to do this.
    I had already explained how to back up your registry to you in another posting on this board ( which I am aware you had already read it, this was just to get your attention again&#33. But i was going through some OLD apps to give to OV, when i seen an app i thought you might want to try
    it is called WinRescue, and it is designed for backing up the registry

    Registry Crash Protection
    Recover from a Crash in Two Minutes&#33;&#33;&#33;
    WinRescue backs up the Registry and important configuration files, packs the Registry, troubleshoots problems, provides fivefold protection from system crashes, backs up any and all files that you desire, and much more...


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    Cool site&#33; Thanks&#33;
    (and it even has cheat-at-solitaire software )
    Bookmarked with the rest of &#39;em....
    Thanks again, Chris

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    It almost brought me from 30 items to 2 or 4. :lol:

    Works, really :blink:

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    I have found that if you remove some spyware, KazaA will not work properly. I agree that this extra stuff should be removed. Then I remembered, DUH, KaZaA works off of "spying" to give you those ad monsters.

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    Originally posted by AquaHarmony@Sep 29 2003, 09:16 AM
    I have found that if you remove some spyware, KazaA will not work properly.* I agree that this extra stuff should be removed.* Then I remembered, DUH, KaZaA works off of "spying" to give you those ad monsters.
    a simple, yet time-consuming way to keep using kazaa, and reduce the amount of "spying" performed by kazza is to block the ad sites that they use.

    you need to figure out what site address is being used by those ads servers. which you do by shutting down all programs, except for the Kazaa.

    you need to monitor all outgoing data requests to those sites.
    so you need a network tool to view this for you.

    once you have have the sites, you find a text file called HOSTS on your system.
    in the hosts file, you will not too much. Just usually a simple listing as so

    # localhost

    this is a loopback IP for your system. because some programs require their servers to use an IP address, this ip address of was assigned for the local file system to use.

    how can you use this to block ad sites. VERY SIMPLE
    any site who likes to send you an add, such as - for example
    will request the DNS to locate the IP address for this site, which is resolving the URL to IP numeric address. So that the http://big-annoying-ad.net will resolve to 201.13.x.x.
    then once resolved, the server sends you an ad.
    so, by using the hosts file, you would add the hostname http://big-annoying-ad.net as so. http://big-annoying-ad.net

    now, when the site wants to send an ad to you. your computer looks in the hosts file, and see&#39;s that http://big-annoying-ad.net is on the loopback device, or local host filesystem (which it really is not), but we fool the site into believing the adserver is really out loca machine, and since the ads are not on the system, you do not get any ads. you end up with a little box with a red X in it.
    currently i have a hosts file with some 24,000 ad sites blocked, by this simple approach.
    it is easy, can be "updated" by you in seconds, no need to download another program.
    it can also work in the reverse as well.
    you can add sites to the host file to help speed up connecting to those site you visit more often.
    but the approach is that you do not use the, you would use the sites real ip address in the listing.
    such as my-favorite-site.com

    this will now skip the DNS lookup, and make going to web sites alittle faster for those who are listed.

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    I tried all these links & not 1 of them took me to your Host File :angry:

    & I&#39;ve been mean&#39;n to get on to that so if your a bit slow and need a head start go to The Host With The Most


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