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    I have windows 98 se & I.E. 5.5 would like to have a sound file play (as an interupted download alarm ) when modem disconnects .
    No Auto Dialers
    Any ideas appreciated .
    The simpler the better thanks.

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    try this.

    "Audible dialup connection alarm. Duax Pro sounds an audible alarm whenever an Internet dialup connection is established or broken, thus preventing unintentional or unwanted connections going unnoticed. Optionally plays a sound at preset intervals to remind you that the modem is still online, always or only when the connection is idle."


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    Posted on Jul 26 2003, 12:55 PM
    try this.
    Thanks looks good but whoops I forgot to add the most important criteria Free !!
    and something else (I dont ask much lol) a product that doesnt need access out through a firewall to check if the modems connected.

    Just some fun www.phonespell.org

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    ok, i'll look later on see what i can see.
    Now, have you given the scope to Windows and seen if it itself could do such a feat?
    do this,

    When windows is running, and you are dialed in and online, go to the CONTROL PANEL, SOUNDS.

    See if there is an Event in there for your modem, or DUN (Dial-up Networking). If there is, then you might be able to customize the settings for it.

    This is why an external modem would fit half the bill for you, with its row of finely lit LEDS, you can instantly view the status, if it is on or not. if it is NOT connected, then there is just 2 lights on, and they are red, but when it is ONLINE, there is a row filled with green lights.
    Plus you can reset external modems far easily then an internal one.

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    If you have Juno or AOL, don't get that because you will be hearing that sound ALL THE TIME!

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    See if there is an Event in there for your modem, or DUN (Dial-up Networking). If there is, then you might be able to customize the settings for it.
    Yeah I had looked at it but your post encouraged me to have another go.
    No such luck as the above event being available but by going through available events (hoped internet alert whatever that is was the1 but wasn't) I found that by assigning a sound to "close program" and saving it to a scheme,creating a quick launch shortcut to sounds, so I can reasonably easily turn it on & off, when modem disconnects download manager (FreshDownload) attempts to connect 5 times, gives up,closes down,alarm sounds !!
    Its all a little silly but fits in with my K.I.S.S. principles so will see how it goes .
    Cheers :P

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    If i still had dial-up i could help alot easier with this, but i dont. and i do not plan to switch back to dial-up.

    in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder. there is an applet called lights.exe, this applet is called forth whenever the modem is in use, these will appear as the blinking lights in the systray.
    Maybe, it is possible to assign an event to those. because if the modem disconnects, the lights applet will also be closed.

    the dial-up networking program is located in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM and is called Rnaapp.exe. So if that is in the event window, assign one to that.

    worth another look, and I would be interested to know if it would work.

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    If i still had dial-up i could help alot easier with this
    Somehow I doubt this as you wouldn't have time to answer posts
    Maybe, it is possible to assign an event to those. because if the modem disconnects, the lights applet will also be closed.
    I am very interested in this as any event more closely related to the modem disconnecting than the blunderbuss approach of using close program would save my hearing as any background programs closing also set off the WWII air raid siren .wav
    Unfortunately nothing more or as specific as lights.exe appears in the sounds event list and I have no idea how to get windows to recognise more events.

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    you need a wav editor to edit the siren.wav to an acceptable level if it is bothering you. drop it by -6dB if it is too annoying.

    Taken from Registry Faq 95;

    Adding sounds to application events
    By now you should all realize that you can add sounds to quite a few system events. Those can be located in the Control Panel Sounds dialog. If you haven't been there yet, I'll wait a minute while you return. But, did you realize that with the Registry, you can also add sounds to APPLICATION events?

    1. Open up the Registry Editor.
    2. Go to the following SubKey:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\Schemes&#092 ;Apps
    3. You will find two SubKeys .Default and Explorer.
    4. Right-Click on the SubKey APPS, choose NEW KEY.
    5. The new value should be the name of the application that you wish to create event sounds for.
    6. Right-Click on the SubKey you just created, and select NEW KEY.
    7. An example to get you started: Key: Open Then, create another SubKey called Close.
    8. Go to the Control Panel Sounds, and the Application Event SubKeys you just created will now appear in the list that is displayed in the Sounds tab.
    9. Add whatever sound files you wish for these events.
    10. The very next time that you Open and/or Close that particular application, the sounds will play.
    11. For each and every application on your system, you can add sounds to all these standard events:

    G.P. Fault
    There may be other events possible, but that depends on the particular application events that are used in any given Windows application.
    HINT: Button and Icon bars are NOT such events!

    Basically you can make an event for everything, i tried making one for the lights and it appears in the Sound Event window.
    I made a new key Lights
    then i added a subkey Close

    you might want to also make a key for Rnapp. that is prolly better then a lights event, since I have had windows freeze and after doing an Explorer reboot, i lost the modem lights, although i was still online, i just lost the applet.

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    Tried Lights/Close
    Event listed ok & .wav attached but doesnt play sound in a timely manner if at all . I suspect although not in system tray still live in the background probably shuts down eventually but not useful.
    Rnaapp: same deal here as I see via a task manager type program ,doesnt reveal lights.exe unfortunately, that it does not close down when the modem disconnects
    Created Event Go<.exe>/Close which is FreshDownloads application that accesses internet .When this detects no access & shuts down alarm sounds which is a lot better than every closing program sounding off.
    However if a download completes sucessfully alarm also sounds as go closes if running simultaneous downloads and one finishes before another same applies.
    This I feel is 85% of the way there & I probably will only persist if you push me ;-)
    Would be nice to have a separate .wav for go close/download complete & orginal idea re: modem disconnecting :wacko:

    of using close program would save my hearing
    sorry poor attempt at humor <_<

    Can I assign an event to the dialog box that opens ,asking if I want to reconnect, when the modem disconnects .
    What would it be called though I suppose again this would be too nonspecific for my purposes as every dialog box would sound ?


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