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Thread: Juno

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    Originally posted by Jim Henderson@Feb 6 2005, 01:58 PM
    Juno version 1.49 has not been able to work since December 31, 2004. An upgrade to version 1.51 has been sent to some users, which allows it to contiue working. I don't have that upgrade.
    Last post is hard to believe. As of December 1, 2004 Juno discontinued ALL unpaid direct dial-up email connection. I was using both 1.49 and 4.0 on different accounts, and they were dead after that time for direct email connection. Email access worked only through internet connection after that date.

    I never heard of a version 1.51 from Juno, so it should be considered with caution.

    Version 1.49 allowed ONLY direct dial-up email. Version 4.0 and later allowed BOTH direct dial-up AND internet connection. Consequently, you can use 4.0 to go to Juno on the web to read your email there. That is a real internet connection, and you can go other places too. You can also read your other Juno email email accounts. It has a limited number of free hours. B)

    An interesting problem with 1.49 email accounts is that it seems you can only change the password back at the Juno software on your PC. But 1.49 does not allow you to access the internet, so you can not change the password for that email account, which you can still access on the internet.

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    wow. I used Juno for so long :P probably since 94 Im guessing. But damn, they just aint worth it anymore. I mean, there is Gmail, 1000MB e-mail, last I checked, MSN/hotmail is giving 250MB mailboxes. And Im sure Yahoo is up there too.

    Hell, even the game I play DefianceUO (http://www.defianceuo.com/) have started there own mail system, I believe with 1 GB/1000MB storage.

    But yea, I sorta miss Juno in a way, but it's just too hard, only having 2MB inbox lol. I subscribe to a lot of mailing lists/yahoo groups/etc and it fills up FAST :P

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    Default Juno 3.0 (Build 13)

    I have the original Juno 3.0 (Build 13) installation CD. Unlike previous versions this one is NOT compatible with Windows 3.x. On the other hand it still has the built-in dialer plus an option to work with an existing TCP/IP connection.

    This is the version I use. It works great on XP and should work well on older versions of Windows.

    If I can find a way I can upload the installer for inclusion here. However, at around 5MB, over dialup it would take some time to upload. (I have time, though)

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    Default Update on Juno client

    Juno has made many changes to the rules of the v5 Juno client.

    All previous versions will be automatically upgraded to version v5. The client will recieve a huge packet in the second mail connection with an older version. It contains the archive for the updates.

    It is no longer accepted for free email or free internet - Juno won't accept Juno Platinum dialer connections from v5 or below now, you will need to use v6 rebranded Netzero dialer system. You can still use the Juno email program with at least a MegaMail or Juno Platinum account.

    The program remains the same. It's the servers that have changed.

    However, gone are the advertisement banners - they never got any tangible money out of the ads due to the highly devalued price of online advertising. Ever since discontinuing the unpaid v5 marketing, there are no more advertisements. The packets that it receives are mostly the Juno Web components, as well as security.

    I am guessing the Juno program will continue to be available until Juno chooses to stop support, or when Patent #5848397 expires, which will be on Dec 2018.

    Well, it seems that Juno has abandoned the use of #5809242 and #5838790, offline advertising and advertisement security, so #5848397 is the one that deals with the remaining function of Juno 5.033, the method for receiving messages be it mail, upgrades, or advertising.

    Patent 6014502 is the wrapping patent. It is challenged by http://www.JoeGalaxy.net , it does not use delivered advertising, only referred advertising, ducking this Juno patent. The program builds a cookie out of your demographic profile that it uses to obtain the advertising. It has a built-in webmail console, ducking another Juno patent. Joe Galaxy also offers chat, forums and its new P2P filesharing system in the program. Not a lot, but it's been going on as long as Juno, it is worth a look.

    http://www.JoeGalaxy.net , download the client there, or take the red pill to see the preview. Yeah, looks like they're Matrix fans.
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