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    Nov 2002
    Maryland, USA


    downseek.com has WinZip 6.3 SR-1 (16-bit) and the WinZip Internet Browser Support Add-on (16-bit)

    If you want the 32-bit version of WinZip 6.3, you can find it on oldversion.com.

    WinZip Self-Extractor v2.1, an older version of the newest self-extracting archive makers (instead of using WinZip's built-in Self-Extractor Personal Edition).
    WinZip Self-Extractor v2.2 (the newest version)
    NOTE: WinZip is not required to use WinZip Self-Extractor 2.x and you must pay for a separate license to use it.

    All other add-ons and stuff (including E-Mail Attachment Add-On for Outlook and Command Line Support Add-On - that's like WinZip DOS people!) can be found at WinZip's website in either the Other Downloads section or their Beta Page section.

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    http://www.oldversion.com/ now has both 32-BIT and 16-BIT - thank you for uploading the 16-BIT version for us.

    Alex Levine

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    Nov 2002
    Maryland, USA


    The 16-bit version was originaly on WinZip's website when only Windows 95 and 98 were the only operating systems around. After the release of Windows 2000 and XP and the fact that XP won't support 16-versions of programs, WinZip Computing, Inc. removed it from their site. Luckly I had downloaded it and saved it in a safe place. After hearing about you (OldVersion.com), I uploaded it.

    Anyway, you're welcome for it.

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    Default Command Line

    At my new job, I just installed a licensed copy of WZ 8.1 and was hoping to be able to add command line support. When I go to WinZip's web site, it looks like they only have a version that is compatible with 10.0 and that would require an upgrade. Does anyway have a version of WinZip command line that will work with my 8.1 or know where I can track it down?


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    Quote Originally Posted by joelmw
    ... :( Does anyway have a version of WinZip command line that will work with my 8.1 or know where I can track it down?
    WinZip Command Line Support Version 1.0 was compatible with 8.1 you could try this link
    http://hspf.com/pub/misc/windows/wzcline.exe or use an excellent freeware alternative like 7-zip http://www.7-zip.org/faq.html ,links for which can be found through out the O.V. forum.

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    Default Winzip command line add on

    The are many or all older versions of Winzip at Oldversion.com. I thank all who contributed to this resource.

    I am interested in obtaining the command line add on for versions 8.0 and 9.0 called wzcline.(exe?). The current version of wzcline at the Winzip site requires version 10.0 to use it.

    Any help in getting wzcline added to the list of programs available at Oldversion.com would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    As a member of a couple of years should be able to use oldversions search feature.
    Searching will often produce a quicker answer
    Here are some sample keywords and a sample thread.

    winzip command

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    Default re Winzip command line for version 8.1

    Thank you for the assistance.

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    Default wzcline for 9.0

    I had the same problem. This is what I did.

    (1) Download a trial version of WinZip 10. (2) Install it to a different computer (if no friends available , be sure you have your old paid copy of version 9.0 to reinstall later). (3) Download the wzcline for WinZip 10. (4) Install. (5) Go to the C:\Program Files\WinZip folder (Note: C:\Program Files\WinZip folder is used for Win XP. Win 98 will be different.). (6) Copy the two executables WZZIP.EXE and WZUNZIP.EXE to a floppy, USB drive, or email them to yourself. (7) Copy these file to your computer to any folder you wish to use command line utility (8) Done

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    Sorry to drag up such an old post but I'm trying to get hold of the command line winzip (version 1.. long story, dont ask lol).

    I tried many places (including torrents) but am unable to get hold of it. http://hspf.com/pub/misc/windows/wzcline.exe (mentioned above) no longer works. Any ideas? Thanks!


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