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    Sonny Crockett



    Looking for a firewall (Outpost, Zonealarm or other) that works with the first version of Win95. The versions of now say they work with Win95, but they all crash or cause other problems. It's for use on the (old) Laptop.


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    Super Moderator
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    May 2003


    When I used to run 95, when it was 1995/6 I had tried out a firewall called "ConSeal PC", and it worked OK.
    in a couple days I will be building another win95 box, so I might have the chance to test different, older firewalls on it.

    another older product that might be ok to use is called "Black Ice Defender", and another was "E-Safe Protect." As far as I can tell tthe ConSeal PC was bought out by McAfee, so it is no longer made.

    You might want to get an older copy of Tiny Personal Firewall, or Kerio PF. I do have older versions of both, I just have not gotten around to seeing which works well on a 95 box yet.


    --say Hello to Tubbs for me.

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    I'd like to repeat the request, at least for "Tiny Personal Firewall v4.5".

    The recent attack by the Blaster worm has rekindled interest in firewalls. Some people went to Tiny Software, and to their chagrin, they found that the free version had been discontinued. (Version 5 is $79.00, currently on sale for $49.00).

    You may get some extra traffic if you can find the last of the free versions.

    As far as I know, version 4.5 supports Windows 9.x, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows NT.

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    Steve 195527


    I've a copy of the tiny free firewall ,do you want me to email it to you?

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    May 2003


    Originally posted by Pete@Aug 14 2003, 01:39 PM
    I'd like to repeat the request, at least for "Tiny Personal Firewall v4.5".
    I do have about 5 different versions.

    Tiny Personal Firewall v2.0.15 beta 1.exe
    Tiny Personal Firewall v2.0.15 Beta 2.exe
    Tiny Personal Firewall v2.0.15 final.exe
    Tiny Personal Firewall 3.08.exe
    Tiny Personal Firewall 4.0.exe

    as well as a few from Kerio PF.
    can email em if you like, whichever version you want.

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    Originally posted by Steve 195527@Aug 14 2003, 02:22 PM
    I've a copy of the tiny free firewall ,do you want me to email it to you?
    No, I didn't want it for myself. I wanted to be able to refer people who want it to Oldversion.com. The person who needs it was actually looking for version 4.5.

    Why don't you send them to Alex or Igor so, (if they wish) one of them can add them to the site's inventory.

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    i know this won't work in the poster's situation, but i found a BETA copy of tiny 5.0 ... bet it doesn't have reg stuff/nags to deal with...prob free...


    jus go to the tiny personal firewall folder


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