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    Originally posted by CALM@Nov 5 2003, 03:12 PM
    I FINALLY found the darn link but had to click on the Program control link on the left First.!
    Next time, while in the program try clicking on the F1 key, this SHOULD bring up the programs HELP file, and you can search for your question through that manual. Even Windows works this way, if your not certain of something, click on the desktop, then press F1, and up should pop up a MS help file, ready for you to try finding a solution.
    dont have to click the desktop, but it will return focus back to windows, else you might press F1 while focus is on an app, and it will bring up that programs help file, so it is usually easier just to click on the desktop to make certain your getting the Windows help.

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    While old versions of many types of software may be better for reason X,Y,Z, it's best IMO to keep up-to-date with firewall software and run the latest version as it is released and stay informed by reading changelogs.

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    The Oldversion.com download page for Zone Alarm lists Version 3.1 as the "current version".

    Version 4.5.530.000 has been released.

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    yes, the Oldversion site is also getting out of date, but thats to be expected, when titles update so often. and also, the whole site is being updated, programmed and coded, one of these days, a brand new OV will emerge. with lots of updates.
    this takes time, to work out the coding and test and sort throuhg all the files.
    I think the "current version" tagging should be either removed, to keep surfers from finding an app thats just been updated and posting how its been updated, or use a timeline, to say, current as of a fixed date, subject to change.
    you go to PCworld to download an app, it might say such-such version, you d/l it only to find it is a newer version. it happens.
    I dont think the issue on OV is to worry about what the current version number has ticked to, since the whole concept here is to find older versions.
    when you host old software, you site is really never out of date.


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