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Thread: Apple Ipods...

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    how many songs do the 20GB/40GB/and 60GB hold??
    I'm asking because I usually download like 100 songs in a 2 week period lol..don't ask I just have so many favorite ones that I'm reminded of so then I go and download them..

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    The average song is 4 MBs for a MP3. 1000 MBs in a GIG. = 250 songs in a GIG on average

    X 20 GIGs = 5,000
    X 40 GIGs = 10,000
    X 60 GIGs = 15,000 songs.

    Remember, this is on average. Some songs will be larger, some smaller.

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    actually a gb or gig as it is called is 1,025 mb

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    That would be if the mp3 is encoded in the rather poor quality of 128kbps bit-rate.
    Using higher quality, such as 256kbps bit-rate or higher, then that number will go down drasticly.
    All the mp3s I encode from my tapes, LPs, CD's, are as such. And when I back these up to my DVD's, I usually average roughly 650 songs per DVD, which is 4.7GBS. So in revising what pun has, for higher quality mp3 encodes; 256kbps and up.
    It would be about half of what his chart is.

    Now for those seeking to use Apples AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) encoder, thats going to change the amount also.

    I have a bit-rate calculator somewhere for calculating the expected bit-rates on songs. You might be able to locate one on google. Then you could get a close figure for what your songs are and how much will fit.

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    OK thanks a lot for the help


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