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    I went to http://cws.internet.com/ie-ie501.html and it worked but then when i was setting it up it wouldn't work.
    When i went to the http://browsers.evolt.org/ and got lost! I had no idea what i was doing! HELP!!! I wasn't sure which thing i wanted to download for example some sort of patch or something! What i want is to be able to get on to MSN and to do that i need at least MSN 4.7 which means i need Internet Explorer 5.0 or over, but after that i get stuck and don't know which thing i need to download!

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    At the http://browsers.evolt.org/ site, click Internet Explorer, then click 32 Bit, then click the version you want (for this example we will use IE 5.5 SP2) click IE 5.5 SP2, then click ie55sp2.exe , then on the right side of the page in the green area click a mirror nearest to you [for this example - gosume.com (us)]. If uou still have any questions just ask.
    [edit] You can download IE 5.5 SP2 directly from here
    The download is 84.12 MB [/edit]

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    There are only a few versions there. I reckon they should add some more to please some people who may need it.

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    Originally posted by Thorpe@Jan 4 2004, 08:32 AM
    There are only a few versions there. I reckon they should add some more to please some people who may need it.
    Do you mean there are not many versions of Internet Explorer at oldversion.com? If you are looking for old versions of Internet Explorer, they can be found at http://browsers.evolt.org/

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    Originally posted by Thorpe@Jan 4 2004, 07:32 AM
    There are only a few versions there. I reckon they should add some more to please some people who may need it.
    They are not adding any more Internet Explorer versions to the archive because the file sizes are very large, and it takes up the server space.

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    Don't use old versions of IE unless u really need to. They are very buggy with holes that hackers can exploit.

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    i have found Oldversions of Ie on many modem install disks, The older the modem the older version of ie that would be included, You should be able to get ie4 if you find a disk for an isa 33.6 modem..

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    Yes. You CAN download a standalone version of Internet Explorer WITHOUT messing up your system. Take look here!


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    Downloading the file is not the problem. It is when you launch the file (the exe) and it starts to run setup. During setup, it attempts to connect to a Microsoft site and get some additional files. I think Microsoft closed down the site that setup tries to connect to. So just getting the exe file for IE 5.0 or 5.5 isn't enough.

    Has anyone had any luck running setup? If so, how did you do it?


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    Program Name: Internet Explorer 4
    Website: ?
    Current version: 6.1
    Desired versions: 4.0, 4.1 or anything 4
    Description: Microsoft Internet Explorer browser


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