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Thread: SKYPE Question

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    Default SKYPE Question

    SKYPE has disabled older versions from running....

    I cant run the NEW versions,they are too heavy and hogging for 98se.... (@ least my 98se)

    Its come to my assumption that the SKYPE AGENT ID is causing the denied connection.......Does anyone no how to change the ID to make it APPEAR TO BE the latest version when logging onto the network?

    The latest version totally sucks,it has many un-needed features,etc........

    There was a way posted on the skype site on how to get around this by adding " ui.skype.com" to your host file to block the update check WHICH WORKED FOR ABOUT 1 WEEK....... Now they must be checking the AGENT ID STRING (I knew it wouldnt last,whatever idiot posted that 'HOST FILE FIX' on skype's own site is a real moron)

    For the hell of it i downloaded Skype V AND IT WORKS!!!

    I havent been able to run skype on me computer since version cause the version were TOO BULKY for my computer (Way too heavy in usage) But when i got this one,it was EXACTLY like and i couldnt believe it!!

    Its 19Megs though this version which is a bit much and i was wondering if anyone knew how to 1 of 2 things:

    1) With a file editor,remove the phone in it and all others un-needed things (Basically create a "skype-lite" which would take 10 Megs off it or so)


    2) Find out how to change the server it connects to cause I THINK thats how they blocked the older versions ( and older) from connecting to the skype network...And if i can get the NEW server it connects to and edit an older version of skype (Thats around 8 megs opposed to 19Megs) It would be great!!

    I'd like to run skype again ( but i dont like the 19M size of the latest ones.....

    The 2 versions are available here on oldversion
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    dude you really need to save your pennies and get a new pc,if that old thing wont run the new skype it must be trash can fillingand as for your win 98 thats well past it, i know mate thousands still reckon its still great (i was one of em) but get xp and after a week you realise how far behind youve been.

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    The problem is i dont have alot of ram,i only have 56796k of ram available...

    Like i said runs fine,but its ridicously large (19 megs) and i dont want that crap on my computer to be quite honest....... If there is a way to edit the script of to connect to the new server,it would work!!!! (Thats me favorite version!!)

    Ah well.......Do you have any experience in this area??

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    Well folks, I try to communicate different VOIP soft phone. I just know that SJ Phone can communicate with other soft phones, but others not mostly can communicate with different VOIP soft phone. So, what other VOIP soft phones that can communicate with SJ Phone? What other VOIP soft phone that can communicate with SJ Phone soft phone? Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Re: SKYPE Question

    Welcome my friend

    Still waiting for a solution to my Opening Post on this thread as well


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