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    Default A few more update notifications

    The site goes through version 3.30 and says that the most recent version is 3.40:

    The current version is 3.51

    Oldversions . . .
    WinRAR v3.42 wrar342.exe
    WinRAR v3.41 wrar341.exe
    WinRAR v3.40 wrar340.exe

    Are available in the "Previous Versions" section on this page:

    Found while searching for 3.42 (have key for that version).

    If someone could submit for others. Thanks.

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    Default A few more update notifications

    FireFox 2.0 is now out. Page says: 1.5
    Internet Explorer 7 is now out. Page says: 6
    Winamp 5.3 is now out. Page says: 5.21
    iTunes 7 is now out. Page is broken.
    Skype is now out. Page says:

    That's all I could find for now.

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    Thanks for that.
    I am sure when ABlix or Igor have the time, they will correct those which you have pointed out.
    But remember the name of this site is Oldversion.com.
    Most visitors here are not looking for the newest release. If they are, they should check the developers websites first.

    As to the iTunes page being "broken", it's not broken, the files were just removed ATM.
    The site is slowly being updated, changed, so some things will be neglected during this process.

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    Welcome to the site my friend!!!!

    Thanx for the heads up

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    Yup thanks for that, we will add those versions whenever we can!
    Alex Levine

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    Default A few more update notifications

    Hello there :]

    Here are a few updates :

    ACDSee : I can provide versions 1.25 and 1.4 for Windows 3.
    Don't have the installer for v 1.25, but it's working though.
    Admins, contact me if you are interested. I allowed mails from you in my control panel.

    Acrobat Reader :

    Latest version on Adobe's website is Adobe Reader 8 ; its page has been moved to http://www.adobe.com/products/reader/

    Version 1.0 for DOS can be found here : ftp://ftp.simtel.net/pub/simtelnet/m...tl/acrodos.zip

    To the admins again : If you are interested, I can provide the French version installers for versions 3.01 (both 16 and 32 bits), 4.0, and 5.1.

    Daemon Tools :
    Latest version on official website is 4.08, there was also a version 4.06 which is not on OldVersion either (latest here being 4.03)

    IrfanView : Version 3.99 is out

    Paint Shop Pro : I can provide french version 4.14 (complete and unlimited) : it was given on the CD-ROM with "Compatibles PC Magazine" #128

    PowerISO : version 3.5 is out

    WinRAR : latest version to this day is 3.62
    Note : all versions can be download from http://files.rarlab.com/rar/ (several are not on OldVersion yet).
    You can even find version 2.50 for DOS (real 16 bit DOS, not 32bit console) : rar250.exe

    Oh and by the way, on the eMule page here : http://oldversion.com/program.php?n=emule , though the version 0.47c is available for download, it still says on top that latest version would be 0.47a .
    Last edited by Constance; 12-25-2006 at 11:55 AM.

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    Default Wrong information.

    Newest version: 6.0

    Newest information: 6.4.1

    iTunes is unavailable.

    Newest version: 5.32

    Newest version: 7.0 (Can't believe you missed this one...)

    Newest version: (Can't believe you missed this one...)

    Newest version: 9.10

    New name: Adobe Acrobat
    Newest version: 8.0

    Newest version: 10.0

    Newest version: 2.65

    Newest version: 11.0

    Actual name: Ad-Aware (Just to get it right... you don't have to...)

    Newest version: 1.36.430

    Newest version: 6.5.737

    Those are some of the more "popular" programs that need to have name changes. If possible, please try and make some of the newest versions available for download. Although your site is "OldVersion.com," I noticed that in most/some of the programs you also had the newest version available for download. My friend and I really like it, just in case it's hard to find a stable release on their site, or other problems. Keep that idea up.

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    LOLOL man we could fill his storage up real quick. You know with so much request on this site I did not come across or may have just did not notice anyone requesting ICQ messager old verison.

    Cool site.

    Your on the ball huh clicking on the links viewing lolol right on dude

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    Quote Originally Posted by xXNintendoXx View Post
    Where did you see that ?
    At the moment on Microsoft's website, latest release available still is 9.0c (december 2006).

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    False Info there is only Directx 9.0c http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/d...DisplayLang=en


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