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Thread: Copernic 2

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    Default Copernic 2

    Hi. Having recently upgraded (in a non-reversible way) to Copernic 3 I definitely want to go back to the good old days of Copernic 2. Please help!

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    Why do you state in a non reversible way ??? please give more details as to what it is you have a problem with and we may be able to help,please state exact problem OS you are using etc etc etc
    simply me

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    I use vista home edition. I recently reinstalled everything, and when looking for my old programs on the net noticed and installed the latest copernic software. I stated this because an obvious solution would have been to roll-back to a previous windows configuration using the windows system restore function.

    On this same forum I have since found some links for various copernic v1 releases, but the one I downloaded of these crashes regularly.

    Copernic 2 worked fine for me, even though I know that others complained of it being too slow. Copernic 3 seems more limited, and annoying adverts that just bother me. It may be slower too though I haven't been able to check that.


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    I'm having the same problem. 3.0 version is annoying.
    "Search as you type" function is disabled in free version. And I didn't see any speed up in version 3.
    I searched and found the old version in a forum. Version 2.3 build 30


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    Default Going back to Copernic 2.3

    Hello all,
    ZDnet still has the 2.3 version for download. I've been able to disable Copernic 2.3 "update feature" so I can continue using the 2.3 version without the nagging prompts to update...
    First, exit the Copernic program by right-clicking the icon in the system tray.
    In Regedit, go to Local Machine-->Software-->Copernic-->DesktopSearch2-->System.
    There are three entries of interest: LastSoftwareUpdate, LastSoftwareUpdateShown and UpdateAvailable.
    Open your Windows system clock and change your system date to some date very far away, like October 2020.
    Open Copernic Desktop Search again; you will get an "update" notification. Click Cancel.
    Go back to Regedit and hit "F5"; the LastSoftwareUpdateShown value will have changed. Copy the hex value in this key to the LastSoftwareUpdate key. Then change UpdateAvailable value to "0".
    Change your system time back to today's date.
    No more notifications.
    Let me know if this works for you!
    Last edited by MysticRunes; 10-13-2008 at 01:44 PM. Reason: clarified...

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    Default Disabling Copernic Update Notices

    My general policy is to pay for the software that I use, but I rebel when something is offered as free and then taken away without notice. Had it been offered originally as a limited time trial, my position would be different. That said, I want to make sure my wife and family don't inadvertently "update" my version of Copernic.

    MysticRunes describes a procedure for disabling Copernic Update reminders. I'm reluctant to edit registry but if there is no other way...

    Looking at my registry, I went to Computer|Software|Copernic|DesktopSearch2|Config but I could not find a "system" directory.

    I found "LastServiceVersionRun" heading, but no headings for
    LastSoftwareUpdate, LastSoftwareUpdateShown, or
    Update Available.

    Is there some other way, perhaps by setting my browser to block access to the Copernic server?

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    File is still here
    Copernic Desktop Search 2.3 build 18----shine download

    I think OldVersion should host it; my guess is that copernic is actively removing all traces of that one since it has more features than in V3 (if you want these features in V3, you need to pay 50$)

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    Default No Ads and no need for registry fiddles

    I've got Copernic running perfectly now!
    The best free version they ever made - version 2.30 - build 30.
    Got it from the link on this forum.

    No ADS
    Find the ApplicationConfig.ini file at
    C:\Program Files\Copernic Desktop Search 2\FileRepository\50

    and change the first line AdEnabled="True"
    to AdEnabled="False"

    No update nag
    Just put your clock forward a few years, open Copernic, click Cancel to the update, then put your clock back to today.
    I didn't need to mess with the registry (as above).

    This program was by far the best desktop search, and with these changes it's perfect!

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    Default Thanks for the tips

    I appreciate the helpful hints to recoup version 2.3.

    Last edited by AMPwerx; 11-07-2009 at 11:40 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by komrade View Post
    I've got Copernic running perfectly now!
    The best free version they ever made - version 2.30 - build 30.
    Got it from the link on this forum. . . .

    I'm a brand new registered user on Old Version, and I want to find Copernic 2.30 build 30.

    Aside from the good things I've read in this thread about 2.3, my reason for wanting 2.3 (even if I had to pay for it) is that according to Copernic's website, version 3.x requires XP or Vista, but I intend to keep using Windows 2000 as long as my security software (Eset's NOD32) continues to support it.

    Where should I start looking to find that Copernic 2.3 build 30 file "on this forum"?

    In message immediately preceding yours in this thread (from debile, 07-13-2009) , there was a link, but apparently that link now is dead. Not surprising, given that July was awhile back.

    Thanks for any help.

    R.N. (Roger) Folsom


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