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Thread: Web Browsers

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    and sorry about the link, it works on mine.
    The website is currently down. I guess they must be doing the new forum because its up now.

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    Originally posted by Punk-In-General@Jul 8 2004, 07:34 PM
    Its not like im going to download and test every browser out there and come back to you on it. Its just my personal opinion, i think its the best, because it is (my opinion) You dont have to correct everyone.

    and sorry about the link, it works on mine.

    I dont even know what slimbrowser is.
    Don't take it personal.

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    Don't take it personal.
    agreed :blink:

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    The main reason to switch from IE and maybe uninstall it would sure be cuz of the many security-problems there are with it.

    The browsers that depends on IE being installed is just as bad cuz of the fact its just a wrapper for IE and not per se a real browser, I reckon.
    I use K-Meleon and Mozilla Firefox and K-meleon is somewhat faster and it is so light it gives the users of old computers the possibility to use it with joy, which is a good thing these days when all appz for the Windows OS (not Linux BEOS etc.) is getting bigger and bigger with endless bloat and its often stated by software developers that "your computer is too slow and thats why the app is so sluggish" , but in fact it is often the app that is too slow and bloated..
    For example many times they dont even care to release a release-build but releases a debug-build with much more bloat..M$ for example...

    It is like saying (and Ive really read this somewhere) : "XPee is as fast as other OS, you only need to get a more powerfull puter"

    Isnt that funny.. :lol:

    Anyways, if you move to a standalone browser which in no way is depending on IE-engine, are you then safe..?

    Contrary to what many ppl seems to think; many of the security holes that is been discovered all the time affect all puters where IE is installed even if you dont use it , M$ says themselves.
    So then ya really has to uninstall it which is as ya probably know nearly impossible to do under 2000/XPee, but only nearly...

    Tip: Get XPLite/2000Lite from http://www.litepc.com and with that little standalone app you can easily uninstall and reinstall features ya dont want,use or like, for example: Outlook Express, IE, WMI,WMP,DirectX,NetMeeting,the small games that comes as default,MS Agent,Extra fonts, many;many other OS features that takes up resources and which ya may not ever use.
    I worx like a Add/Remove applet and ya cant turn on and turn off File Protection so ya can remove things and if something goes wrong ya can just as easy reinstall it with the use of the installation disc..
    It uses the same technique as Windows does when ya add and removes system components but it lets you remove the things M$ Windows wont let ya remove, like IE then..

    I use my puter for programming,playing games and internet activity and I had 99 components installed and I removed 93 of them which were of no use, leaving core fonts (one really dont wants to remove that) DirectX, Driver Cache (for easier installing new system components without needing the CD) and some..
    Everything worx just gr8 and Ive saved a lot of disk-space and the registry too is lean and mean.. he..he..

    My OS-partition is 929 mb minus pagefile of 512 = 417mb.. (8

    Just a little tip to get rid of IE for good and to enjoy a more stable,fast and secure system..

    I too use Linux some and I use Mozilla on that but Im thinking of switching...

    See ya..!

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    ...and it was me WarLord who wrote the above but forgot to name it..

    Thinking of registering here now in fact..

    Take care..!

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    FireFox - The Best

    Has the functionality of Netscape and Internet Explorer put together, but its lighter than each of them - Only 4 megabytes. it has a Searchable History Folder, autocomplete, bookmarks . Configurable plugins, totally skinnable (ability to change the look), saves passwords, and usernames for different websites, comes with a google search bar that can be disabled. a bookmark tab bar that can be hidden. It comes with a popup blocker. The pop up allows sites of your choice to pop up windows. It doesn't go crazy with javascipt errors like netscape does. it handles any netscape plugin that internet explorer couldn't. and any ie plugin that netscape can't. you can add or remove enhansements and skins and keep the ones you want. this browser was recommended to me last week and i am very happy with it. And best of all - It's entirely free. i recommend that Oldversion.com supports this software it's the best browser ive ever tried. Both Netscape and IE have given me problems in the past. Firefox hasn't. Give it a try. it's a great program.

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    I agree; Mozila FireFox is more secure and better than Internet Explorer.

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    I reccoment Maxthon
    It has all the features I want in a browser..


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    I like Firefox, it's the best and all of you Maxathon users, you can still get spyware/virues or some malware with that

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    Mozilla Firefox is the best browser I've ever used! The Firefox homepage, here. It comes wiith tabbed browsing, a popup blobker, a cool small search box, which you can add engines to (it automatically has Google) and is much faster than IE.

    Check it out people.

    The only problem:

    Some stupid sites are designed to work only in IE (eg: Windows Update)

    But it's a good browser still, give it a try.


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