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Thread: Web Browsers

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    Mozilla firefox 1.0

    i don't have to say anything else but if you use it you know why i say it's the best

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    Another quote to confirm, "Older is Not Always Better"

    "...it is interesting to note that IE 5.0 is significantly faster than IE 6.0."

    This is from a web browser benchmarking site. Which also confirms what I and a few others have said, Li/lynks being the fastest browser of the bunch.

    "Lynx and Links2 were so fast that it was nearly impossible to time, as pages were often loaded faster than buttons could be pressed."


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    The best and fastest browsers out there are firefox, advanced browser, and netscape(well at least the new netscape prototype) to get firefox go to http://www.mozilla.org to get advanced browser go to http://www.advancedbrowser.com and to get the unreleased netscape prototype which can switch between the ie engine and the netscape engine go to http://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/Brow...e-Browser.shtml

    and by the way lynx is a text browser which can only view text and its super old and myie2 is now maxthon

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    Originally posted by guest_TiM@Feb 14 2005, 05:13 PM
    The best and fastest browsers out there are firefox, advanced
    Not according to the above sites benchmarking, the fastest being Opera - faster than Firefox, and it even states Mozilla can be faster than Firefox.
    Dillo, being faster than every other, it just does not fully support everything, then again, who really wants FLASH, and scripting!

    I guess to you, Lynx - is "super old" which the last update being Feb 4 2004 makes is a relic. Its still developed. Not everyone wants graphics in their browsing, lack of graphics does not make it OLD. Many blind people use B/Li/Lynx.
    Links2, supports graphics BTW.

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    I downloaded "off by one" browser its small and sooooooooooooo fast it scorched the screen!!! Ok its slim but whats the downside???
    Dose anyone use it? is there a forum for it? is there anything else like it?????

    I think its wonnndddeeefullll !!!

    seaweed B)

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    If you go to the beginning of this thread, there is a listing of several other lesser known browsers.


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